Limiting Chemical Substances Emissions

Our Approach

Here at the Fujitsu Group, we manage approximately 1,300 types of chemical substances, in order to prevent the risks associated with the use of toxic chemical substances (health issues, pollution of the natural environment, etc.).

We operate a chemical information system called “FACE,” which we use to register and monitor chemicals at every site, manage Safety Data Sheet (SDS), control income and expenditures using purchasing data and inventory data, and boost our level of management and efficiency with respect to chemical usage.

FY 2020 Performance

Targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX)Last fiscal year (FY2020 result)
Reduce chemical pollutant (PRTR) release to less than the average level of FY 2012-2014 (17.4 t/year or less).(*1)PRTR: 6.1 tons
  • (*1)
    Target organizations: Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group manufacturing sites
    *The sites that handle less than 100 kg of chemical substances per year are excluded.

Achieved Ongoing PRTR Substance Emission Target

In FY 2020, we were able to limit our Group-wide chemical substance (PRTR) emissions to 6.1 tons, which is under the reference value set in the Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX).

Trends in PRTR Substance Emissions

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