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We are working to expand growth opportunities for our employees, aiming to become a company that creates innovation in every corner of society by bringing together a diverse range of internal and external human resources with agility, in order to realize our company's purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. So that we can achieve a sustainable world, Fujitsu is focusing on creating an organization that brings together a diverse group of people with expertise and experience, leveraging the technology areas in which the company has always excelled. In addition, to support each employee's autonomous learning and growth rather than providing uniform training from the company, we offer a wide range of learning and career options based on common global policies. We aim to be a world-class company in terms of employee growth and career realization by fostering a corporate culture that allows our employees to take on challenges with their own ideas and aspirations.


We are building a system to promote human resource development measures in a globally integrated manner in order to realize our purpose. The Engagement & Growth Division is in charge of human resource development in line with company-wide management policies, while the Human Resources Development division in each business unit is responsible for human resource development in line with divisional strategies and business needs, and clarifies human resources and skills to be strengthened and plans training measures

In addition, we are promoting knowledge sharing on a global basis in cooperation with the human resource development departments in each region, and strengthening support for all employees to learn and grow through a combination of region-specific and local measures.

The execution of highly specialized training and education is handled by Fujitsu Learning Media Limited, a Group company that provides human resource development services.

Moreover, as a mechanism to reflect the views of employees, we conduct engagement surveys twice a year on a global basis, and disclose the results of each organization within the company, which leads to actions for improvement in each organization. Furthermore, we regularly conduct pulse surveys and questionnaires that simply ask for feedback at a higher frequency. We follow a cycle of analyzing this data, identifying and implementing priority measures, and then obtaining feedback.

Achieving Career Ownership

From April 2022, a new personnel system based on the concept of job-based human resource management that encourages each employee to take on challenges and grow has been introduced to the domestic Group. In line with this, we are implementing measures focused on each individual to support employees in taking on challenges and growing based on their career ownership.

We are also expanding our career ownership program for each generation as an opportunity for each employee to regularly reflect on their own career and the career they aspire to.

As for opportunities to take on challenges, all Fujitsu Group employees can take on the challenge of transferring or being promoted to the position they aspire to through the global internal posting system. In addition, as a mechanism to support employee growth, we are developing a system that allows employees to take a variety of internal and external learning content anytime, anywhere on a learning platform and visualize the skills they have acquired.

Through one-on-one dialogue, supervisors also provide specific advice and support according to the career aspirations and characteristics of their subordinates.

We are implementing initiatives to encourage employees to exercise career ownership, such as holding Career Ownership Days, an online internal event for the entire company to think about career ownership, in May 2022, and Fujitsu Learning Festival 2022, a global integrated event for about 130,000 Fujitsu Group employees in June, with the themes of SDGs, wellbeing, and Fujitsu Uvance.

Development System
Development System

Framework for Supporting the Career Realization of Each and Every Employee
Framework for Supporting the Career Realization of Each and Every Employee

Initiatives Supporting Fujitsu Uvance

In order to advance Fujitsu Uvance, the business brand that we have set forth to realize a sustainable world, we need people with expertise and the ability to implement change that will enable us to face and solve the issues facing society and customers. Through various initiatives, we support the realization of Fujitsu Uvance and our purpose from a human resource perspective.

Business Producer Transformation Program

To transform traditional salespeople by industry into business producers responsible for creating new business in cross-industries that transcend industry boundaries, we conducted skill improvement and skill change training and visualization of the skills possessed by all salespeople in the domestic Group, targeting approximately 8,000 employees.

Global FDE

Global Fujitsu Distinguished Engineers (below, "Global FDEs") are the technological face of Fujitsu, spearheading solutions to our customers' business challenges by leveraging their superior technological capabilities. Recognized as the pinnacle of Fujitsu Group engineers by common global standards, they participate in the formulation of our business and technology strategies.

We have established seven certification areas of hybrid IT, networks, cybersecurity, AI, data, computing, and project management, which are the future key technology areas of our new business brand Fujitsu Uvance, and by FY2022 32 Global FDEs were certified globally as a whole.

Furthermore, we will position it as a benefit and career path for engineers who contribute to business strategy and customer value creation in conjunction with a job-based personnel system.

Global Strategic Partner Academy

This program is implemented in cooperation with ServiceNow, Inc., SAP SE, and Microsoft Corporation, three of our strategic technology partners and leading-edge IT service providers that are utilized around the world. The program is designed to increase the number of professionals with highly specialized knowledge and expertise on a global level by offering a common program that enables them to acquire cutting-edge digital technology and know-how, including the skills and knowledge of the services of the three companies. The program started in December, 2021, and so far 57 employees have provided highly specialized IT services to customers based on the knowledge acquired through this program.

We will invest in human resources over the long term with the aim of realizing a sustainable society through technological innovation, create an environment in which anyone can take on the challenges of digital-related work, and maximize the potential of digital technology by bringing together our company, partners, and customers. By strengthening the collaboration of human resources skilled in digital technology on a global scale, we will support our customers and society in solving their problems.

Fujitsu Innovation Circuit

The Fujitsu Innovation Circuit aims to enable us to become a company where anyone can take on challenges, where conversations about what has been learned from challenges and support for those taking on challenges are commonplace, and where intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) are born to lead Fujitsu into the future and realize the world we aim to create with Uvance.

Under the full supervision of Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College in the US, the Academy and Challenge stage, which began in November 2021, foster intrapreneurs through learning and practice of entrepreneurship. In the first stage, 455 people participated and acquired corporate know-how and mindset. In addition, from April 2022, participation has been expanded globally to 130,000 Fujitsu Group employees around the world.

FY2021 Performance

  • Average Annual Hours Spent Learning and Annual Cost of Learning Per Employee (Fujitsu and its domestic Group companies)
 Total Average
Average Annual Hours Spent Learning42.0 hours
Annual Cost of Learning81,700 yen
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