Fujitsu uSCALE

Fujitsu uSCALE – pay-per-use

Resiliency and agility

Empower your data center with sustainable and scalable IT service on demand

The pace of change and disruption across market sectors is forcing organizations to achieve new levels of agility to compete. Digital transformation and organizational resiliency demand that business and IT leadership join forces to deliver initiatives with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

A new operating model is required

uSCALE supports business resilience, increases financial and technical flexibility, and you gain freedom from up-front investments. Improve time-to market by leveraging pre-provisioned buffer capacity that is deployed in your data center ahead of business needs.

Values of agile pay-per use IT service

Values of agile pay-per use IT service

Flexibly scale up and down IT infrastructure and services

Build your solution with the appropriate services

De-risk investment and reduce debt of overprovisioning

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