Environmental Training and Awareness Activities for Employees


The Fujitsu Group conducts various environmental education and awareness activities based on the belief that “Greater environmental awareness and proactive efforts among all employees are essential for pursuing environmental management.”

Comprehensive Environmental Training

We offer environmental e-Learning opportunities for all employees through programs in our company-wide training system to promote a basic understanding of environmental management. Training is also conducted on a per-division basis. Specialized trainings such as internal auditor training and training for those in charge of waste practices are also conducted for employees who are in charge of environment-related tasks.

Fujitsu's Environmental Training Scheme

Environmental e-Learning

We offer educational opportunities for employees to comprehensively learn about global trends relating to the environment, the environmental management of the Fujitsu Group, and the role played by each employee, based on the theme of “Environmental Management of the Fujitsu Group and Role of Each Individual Employee“ This education is positioned as providing fundamental knowledge that all Fujitsu employees should have under the company-wide employee training system.

Environmental Management of the Fujitsu Group and Rle of Each Individual Employee
Role of the Environment in Realizing a Sustainable Society
Purpose and Environmental Activities of Fujitsu
Mid- and Long-term Environmental Vision

Communication Through the Internet and Social Media

Poster for the reusable shopping bag declarationPoster for the reusable shopping bag declaration

By disseminating information through the Internet and having lively exchanges of ideas via social media, we encourage employees to think of environmental and societal issues as personal ones.

  • Spreading Internal Awareness About the Issue of Plastic Waste

In addition to reducing plastic waste through conventional business activities, starting in June 2019, we have worked to reduce the amount of disposable plastic used in offices, and conducted activities to raise employee awareness. We developed campaigns that used the intranet and social media, and worked to spread awareness within the company while listening to what many employees had to say.

  • We conducted a campaign on the intranet that declared we would use reusable shopping bags with the aim of reducing disposable plastic waste, such as shopping bags. More than 3,000 employees posted messages.
  • We established a group for “Sustainable Consumption Activities” on Yammer, our internal SNS, and conducted a campaign for employees to bring their own bottles. By conducting a campaign in conjunction with our efforts to move away from drinks in plastic bottles sold by vending machines at our business sites in Japan, as well as the elimination of plastic straws at company cafeterias, we had lively exchanges of ideas about everyday eco-friendly activities, and how the Group can contribute to environmental and social issues.
  • In addition to a report posted on our public website about the eco-tour to Tsushima, which was themed around the issue of marine plastic waste, we posted a video primer on a video site to explain the problem. Our efforts to raise awareness are not just within the company.

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