Reducing the Amount of Water Used

Our Approach

The risk of a global water shortage is on the rise, due to such factors as climate change, the destruction of forests, and the economic growth and population boom in emerging and developing countries. Such a water shortage is a risk for companies as well, since it may very well affect the survival of their businesses. As such, it is important for us to recycle and reduce the amount of water we use.

Since the Fujitsu Group uses particularly large amounts of water in the manufacture of semiconductors and printed circuit boards, we believe it is necessary to reduce our water consumption in these areas especially. In addition to our general water conservation efforts, we have also worked to reuse and recirculate water, through methods such as pure water recycling and the reuse of rainwater. We are continuing our efforts to effectively use water resources in the Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX).

FY 2019 Performance

Targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX)FY 2019 Performance
Reduce water consumption by 1% in total, compared to FY 2017 (83,000 m3).(*1)0.9% reduction compared to FY 2017 (78,000 m3 reduction)
  • (*1)
    Boundary :
    Japan ; Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group offices excluded MIFS and data centers
    Overseas ; Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group manufacturing sites

The policies we established in FY 2019 to reduce water usage include reducing the amount of water used in coating and cleaning processes ,reviewing our water supply and wastewater through actions such as optimizing the water supply for our scrubbers, and reducing the amount of water supplied by introducing high-efficiency compressors, were implemented at each business site, plant, etc., so that we could make more efficient use of our water resources. As a result, in just the first fiscal year, we were able to reduce water use by 78,000 m3, which already met 94% of the target value for water reduction of 83,000 m3 that was set in the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX).

9.91 million m3 of Water Used in FY 2019 (A 28.3% Reduction Compared to the Previous Fiscal Year)

The total amount of water we used in FY 2019 was 9.91 million m3 (output level per sales amount: 256.8 m3/100 million yen), a 28.3% reduction compared to FY 2018. 4.68 million m3 of that usage was recycled water, which was a reduction of 32.0% in comparison to FY 2018. Since the total amount of water used has decreased, recycled water makes up 47.3% of our total water usage—a 2.5% decrease from FY 2018.

Changes to the Amount of Water Used, and the Amount of Recycled Water

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