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Intelligence-led Cyber Security

Fujitsu Intelligence-led Cyber Security

Keeping the power on and the water flowing

Within energy and utilities, digitalization comes with ever-evolving external and internal threats, making cybersecurity a priority that cannot be ignored. Highly complex infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the delivery of vital services, processes and functions and this infrastructure is vulnerable to attack.

Increased connectivity of control systems enabled by the smart grid drive significant benefits such as improved quality of service and operational efficiency, however, the same connectivity also creates opportunities for cybercriminals to launch crippling attacks.

With cyberattack having become a new reality for energy and utilities providers, building cybersecurity capabilities at the heart of the smart grid is imperative. Providers are therefore challenged to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity to protect sensitive data, infrastructure and operational processes.

Intelligence-led security
Intelligence-led security - text version

Management: robust management of the cyber security platforms.

Visibility: comprehensive event visibility and analysis.

Scanning: routine scanning for vulnerabilities.

Perspective: external intelligence to develop perspective on external threat context.

Posture: clear awareness of cyber security posture.

Fujitsu, taking an intelligence-led security approach

The traditional approach is to attack a problem and solve it, however, with cybersecurity you can’t do something once and hope that you’ll be safe forever. Risk management and resolution must be ongoing as new threats appear all the time.

With our intelligence-led approach to cybersecurity, we offer a new way to understand and respond to threats. We constantly monitor across the lifecycle of any IT activity and with the insight gained empower you to make more informed decision making. With our help, you can keep ahead of any external developments that might impact your security. We:

  • ensure the robust management of cybersecurity platforms
  • provide comprehensive visibility of events for early threat detection
  • routinely scan your systems to detect vulnerabilities before they become critical

Fujitsu Managed Security Services

At Fujitsu, we have vast experience of delivering secure IT and can help you to keep your data and systems protected and safe from attack. Our pro-active solutions can help predict future events, maintain compliance, understand trends, rapidly react to changing conditions and recover quickly after an attack.

  • we provide 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and incident response
  • we help you to respond to the threat of targeted attacks
  • we turn data into actionable intelligence to protect you against cyberattack
  • we help you to achieve and retain compliance with changing rules and regulations

Fujitsu Cyber Security Consulting Services

Fujitsu Cyber Security Consulting is a comprehensive service that offers unrivalled industry expertise, combined with proven methodology and extensive industry experience. We provide independent security advice specifically tailored to your industry needs. Our IT Security Consultancy portfolio includes:

  • Security Advisory Assessment Services
  • Strategy Programs & Standards
  • Security Incident Management
  • Resilience and Continuity

Why choose Fujitsu as your cybersecurity partner?

We are a world-class cybersecurity expert with a comprehensive range of security services that align with regulations ISO22301:2012, ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS, and SOX.

Working in partnership with world-leading security vendors including; Symantec, Forcepoint, Proofpoint, McAffee, Log Rhythm, becrypt, Juniper and Check Point we help you to create effective working practices that manage risk and keep systems, processes and sensitive data protected and safe from cyberthreat and attack. We offer:

  • better protection at lower cost
  • a flexible and more responsive service
  • a modular approach

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