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Fujitsu is a world-leading IT services, solutions, and technology provider with extensive experience designing, building, and deploying IT systems, services, and digital solutions for both public and private sector customers from retail and healthcare to financial services and automotive.

For over 50 years we have been at the forefront of technical innovation, investing $billions in research and development every year to ensure that we remain at the cutting-edge of business transformation.

As experts in digital transformation, we are the partner of choice to keep you ahead of change in today’s digitally enabled world.

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Connected Retail Solutions

Fujitsu digital retail solutions focus on delivering an outstanding omnichannel customer experience and intelligent support. We have more than 50 years of experience delivering solutions that include high-performance best-of-breed hardware, integrated software applications, and multi-vendor lifecycle support services. Our portfolio includes POS, mobile and self-service solutions, and end-to-end retail business applications.

With our smart retail technologies, we can seamlessly connect your systems, staff, and customers across both physical and online channels and can help you to deliver on your brand promise, increase your efficiency and provide a compelling customer experience.

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IT solutions for the public sector

While the path to digital is often challenging, it offers many opportunities to optimize internal processes, reduce costs, and roll out new public services. By co-creating with the right technology partner, you can maximize your digital investment by strategically leveraging new technologies, as well as data and advanced analytics to optimize policies, programs, payments, and systems.

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IT solutions for the automotive sector

Fujitsu automotive solutions focus on providing world-class technology that improves efficiency, reduces costs, and empowers customers to leverage their global assets. We have over 35 years of experience working with world-leading vehicle manufacturers and have a dedicated automotive technology solutions business group.

With our automotive-specific portfolio, we deliver intelligent transportation systems based on telematics. We also provide IT solutions for sales and after-sales service, research and development, production, and logistics. Our innovative service offering can enable you to boost your efficiency and improve your global operations.

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Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Fujitsu manufacturing IT solutions focus on leveraging emerging technologies across the production cycle. With decades of experience working with manufacturers around the globe, we have the expertise to ensure that manufacturing processes are digitally transformed and optimized in an agile and cost-effective way.

With our next-generation smart manufacturing technology, we enable you to leverage the convergence of IT and OT to keep pace with change. We can help you to improve your manufacturing efficiency, increase your productivity, reduce your costs, and improve your supply chain transparency.

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Driving a trusted future in Financial Services

Fujitsu financial services technology and solutions enable purpose-driven financial services organizations to become the best versions of themselves driving a trusted future for purpose-driven financial services organizations.

With over 40 years of experience working within the banking IT sector, we will help you to execute your digital transformation in the financial services sector so that you can make your vision and purpose a reality at speed and at scale. We work with you to constantly improve how your business operates and how your people work. It’s the foundation of a trusted future for financial services powered by truly human-centric financial technologies and digital capabilities.

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For over 50 years, Fujitsu has been working with companies across air, sea, rail and road to integrate the latest technology. By equipping businesses with the latest innovations in connectivity, artificial intelligence, cloud, and data analytics, we can transform the transport experience for customers, improve security, and decrease costs.

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Digital Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Digitalizing the value chain - guaranteeing quality, availability and reliability

Today, disruptive technologies are driving change across the energy and utilities value chain. Faced with rising consumer demand for affordable, environmentally sustainable electricity, increased pressure on existing infrastructure, government regulation, an aging workforce, and grid modernization, digital technologies are a powerful tool in helping the industry to improve and evolve.

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Service Providers

Empowering service providers to build a stronger business

Fujitsu is focused on enabling service providers to thrive in this market, by differentiating their offerings through service integration. The new Fujitsu Service Provider Program is designed to de-risk the potential challenges involved in this transition, enabling service providers to better compete with hyperscale cloud operators, and addressing the growing shortage of specialized IT skills. Fujitsu is offering service providers two different, cloud-like sourcing models to accommodate risk-profile options, based on 'growth' and 'de-risking' scenarios.

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Future Mobility Accelerator

The automotive industry is facing its greatest ever period of disruption. Increasingly consumers are looking beyond ownership to smarter, more efficient, and more connected means of mobility.

At Fujitsu, we believe that the challenge is also a profound opportunity. Our Mobility Digital Twin platform is at the heart of new MaaS ecosystems that enhance vehicle functions and safety and provide a more human-centric mobility society.

On this page we provide resources that outline the issues facing automotive and its allied industries, and explain how Fujitsu Mobility Digital Twin can open flexible and innovative ways to realize future mobility today.

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