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Start chatting with your data – with your own, trusted GPT

Generative AI is changing the way organizations operate, offering unprecedented advantages in efficiency, creativity, and decision-making. Amidst this digital revolution, data sovereignty remains non-negotiable.
On‑premise solutions allow organizations to leverage the full power of GenAI and Large Language Models without compromising data security and compliance.

Fujitsu Private GPT is a complete GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) package, from consulting on your specific use cases, exclusively trained with your data and implemented in your data center. This provides critical advantages vs. cloud based solutions:

  • Custom AI model - relevant and precise results, as it is optimized for your specific content, tasks and languages
  • Data sovereignty and security - your sensitive data remain on-premise, protected and under your control
  • Test and POC on the AI Test Drive - free of charge, consultancy let AI Test Drive for hands-on experience

Fujitsu GenAI offering

Fujitsu Private GPT - on-premise solution

The all-round carefree package: a complete GPT solution, trained with the data sets you select, implemented in your data center. You retain full control over the data used and can be sure that the solution meets all data protection requirements. The turnkey AI solution is optimized for your use cases and includes all hardware and software, setup and support from our partner ecosystem as well as AI training. The costs can be reliably calculated thanks to the monthly payment models.

  • Entire hardware & software stack
  • Built-in ecosystem partner solution
  • Optimized for your own data & customized use case

Bespoke GenAI engineering

We close your resource gaps and offer you highly qualified and experienced AI experts for your individual projects. Up to 600 AI specialists from our ecosystem are ready to support you with your projects: from needs assessment and business case creation to the implementation of customized solutions.

  • Powerful partner ecosystem
  • Truly end-to-end solutions
  • Tailored to empower your business

AI reference architecture

Together with renowned partners such as intel, Juniper Networks, SUSE and NetApp, we have developed AI reference architectures for Various open source as well as for closed source models. Part of our reference architectures are the specially optimized Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers RX2540 and GX2570 M6 ("The GPU Beast"). You can test the performance of the reference architectures for yourself in our AI Test Drive.

  • Various open-source and closed-source models
  • Available on-premises and as consumption-based uSCALE offering
  • Runs on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers

What's the next step? - Register for a Test Drive

The Fujitsu AI Test Drive - supported by a broad ecosystem - giving direct access to the technology and experts to develop, validate and test solutions for AI, data and K8s.

  • Consultancy-led
  • Free of charge
  • Register for our Test Drives

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