Health and Safety


Long-term Goal to be achieved by FY2030

The Fujitsu Group's first priority in all business activities is to protect the health and safety of our employees both in mind and body by providing a safe and healthy work environment tailored to the different cultures in which we operate.

  • We will foster a culture that does not tolerate accidents, incidents and poor safety performance.
  • We will ensure safety is a core business value; Make safety important and personal in order to influence peoples decisions and behavior
  • We will eliminate all instances of preventable illness, injury and business loss due to unplanned events throughout our operations and premises.

Short-term Goal to be achieved by FY2020

The Fujitsu Group will maintain a safe and comfortable working environment, and promote employees’ mental and physical health in every work place.

  • Severe work-related accidents (zero accident) and to create a culture which is intolerant of accidents, incidents and poor safety performance.
  • Achieving global health and safety management review to ensure complying local law, employee training, awareness-raising actions for health and safety in each region (once/year).


The Fujitsu Group corporate philosophy advocates, “ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.” Based on this philosophy we have also established our Health and Safety Policy, and through coordination between the Human Resources and General Affairs Units, the Group works together as a whole to establish safe, pleasant work environments, create our corporate culture, and ensure the health and safety of employees.

Fujitsu Group’s Health and Safety Policy

Ensuring the health and safety of Fujitsu's employees is one of the most important management topics, and it is given the highest priority in all of Fujitsu's business activities.

Promotion Framework and Regular Reviews

Structure for Promoting Health and Safety

The Fujitsu Group has established a Central Health and Safety Committee to coordinate the activities of the health and safety committees at individual business sites. The Central Health and Safety Committee is comprised of the executives in charge of the Human Resources Unit and Health Promotion Unit, and representatives and others from the Labor Union. It meets once per year to share information and report to management and those in charge at each location about the confirmed status of disasters that have occurred at business sites, and about preventative measures, while also formulating Group-wide health and safety related policies.
The health and safety management organizations at individual business sites hold monthly Health and Safety Committee meetings. These committees establish policies suited to the unique characteristics of each site and work to create healthier, safer workplaces in accordance with policies related to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. These health and safety management organizations also survey the worksites to check and improve anything that is potentially dangerous or could lead to occupational accidents, and they conduct risk assessments. Some business sites have obtained OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 international health and safety standard certification.

Efforts to Improve Occupational Health and Safety

The Fujitsu Group works toward health and safety with the goal of having zero occupational accidents. Our efforts to boost awareness for the prevention of occupational accidents include health and safety training at each division, and encouraging exercise habits that help prevent falls. Starting in FY 2014 we have also been conducting voluntary inspections and getting third-party verifications from specialists to reduce the risk of accidents at manufacturing sites.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Fujitsu and our group companies provide health and safety training, as well as health education that raises health awareness. Training is also conducted on-site for the particular work environments present at each individual business site.

Overseas Health and Safety Efforts

Our Occupational Health and Safety Group in the EMEIA region employs a comprehensive region-driven approach to promote thorough awareness of occupational health and safety compliance and preventive measures.
Every year employee occuparional health and safety awareness activities are widely conducted in the region, advocating the themes of World Day for Safety and Health at Work organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Efforts also began in FY 2018 to collect and utilize data on occupational accident occurrences with the aim of preventing such accidents. This data is being used to construct a cross-organization incident management system for the EMEIA region, which is scheduled to go live in FY 2019.
The EMEIA region sets specific medium- to long-term objectives that include specific measures such as these, and works working diligently to foster a culture that is not permissive of occupational accidents, while also strengthening governance, establishing management systems, and developing human resources and skills.

FY2018 Performance

Occupational Accident Occurrences (Fujitsu and group companies in Japan)

Accident frequency rates and severity rates have been much lower than the national average in Japan. The most common type of accidents in FY 2018 was falls. There were also no deaths from occupational accidents.

Frequency Rate Transition (Fujitsu Limited)
Severity Rate Transition (Fujitsu Limited)

Group Companies with OHSAS 18001 Certification

FDK Corporation (Takasaki Plant, FDK Tottori Co., Ltd.)
PFU Techno Wise Limited
Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
Fujitsu Australia Limited

Group Companies with ISO 45001 Certification

Fujitsu Services Ltd
Fujitsu Technology Solutions SA

Details of Education and Training Efforts

Overall Efforts

Training for those in charge of health and safety - 30 sites (Fujitsu and group companies in Japan)
Sharing information about the occupational accident status at all sites - once/year (Fujitsu and group companies in Japan)
Registering and accumulating case examples of occupational accidents on our health and safety intranet website - ongoing (Fujitsu and group companies in Japan)
Occupational accident prevention verifications at manufacturing sites - 30 sites (Fujitsu and group companies in Japan)

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