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To realize our purpose

With aspiration, trust and empathy as our driver, we aim to create value that only Fujitsu can provide

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The Fujitsu Group’s purpose is to "Make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.” We specify the three essential areas of contribution as Materiality for achieving Our Purpose which are solving global environmental issues, developing a digital society, and improving the well-being of people. In these three areas, we have identified eleven issues, such as climate change, ensuring information security, and promoting medical healthcare to improve the quality of life, and we are addressing these issues through all our corporate activities.

In addition, we set a vision for 2030 to be a technology company that realizes net positive through digital services. For Fujitsu, net positivity is defined as our commitment to maximizing financial returns, solving global environmental problems, developing a digital society, improving people's well-being, and bringing positive impacts to society through technology and innovation.

The world is becoming more complex, and there are unpredictable and unstable times ahead. To solve global issues such as climate change and disparity, countries, companies and academia need to work together across a wide range of challenges to enable a society where people can live safely, securely, and abundantly.
Fujitsu aims to accelerate this effort with Fujitsu Uvance. Based on the knowledge and ability that have supported various industries with IT for many years and our company's strengths in cutting-edge technologies such as AI and next-generation computing, through Fujitsu Uvance, we connect different industries with the same data utilization platform across industries, create new value by collecting and analyzing all kinds of data in a unified manner, leading to solutions to social issues.

As a company, we drive these three important values in all areas of our work: Aspiration, Trust, and Empathy. By working hand in hand with people who share the same purpose, we will build a relationship of trust while taking on new challenges together. From there, we will expand empathy and transform it into a greater force, and together we will realize a sustainable world with you.

Representative Director
Takahito Tokita
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