Process of Materiality Analysis

The Fujitsu Group reviewed its previous five priority issues in consideration of the GRI Guidelines, ISO 26000, and SASB Standards, as well as global trends such as the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Seven new priority issues (materiality) were then determined after going through a three-step process. We will implement activities worldwide as part of our Global Responsible Business (GRB) framework while working to achieve specific goals related to each of the priority issues.

Listing relevant issues
  • Created a comprehensive list of issues – after carefully considering the GRI Guidelines, ISO 26000, and SASB Standards, plus global trends including the SDGs and the Paris Agreement
  • Refined that list down to approximately 30 issues – after consolidating similar items and deleting items with minimal relationship to Fujitsu's areas of business
Gauging relative importance
  • Based on the identified issues, an in-house survey was conducted across all business units to assess the perceived importance of the issues
  • Discussions were held with a range of external stakeholders, including experts, to understand the importance regarding expectations and requirements of Fujitsu from an outside perspective
  • Considering both the internal and external viewpoints, the relative importance of the issues was analyzed and gauged
Deciding on materiality
  • In recognition of the importance of the issues, a reconsideration of issues reflected an organizational restructure based on the latest management direction and a unified common approach to global operations across the Fujitsu Group
  • Taking a long-term perspective to enhance the performance of Fujitsu's financial indicators, a process involving the Environmental & CSR Management Committee (currently the Sustainability Management Committee), management meetings, and the Board of Directors determined seven priority issues for sustainability as linked non-financial indicators At the same time, it was agreed that activities should commence on a global basis under the GRB framework

Determination of Materiality (Priority Issues)

Priority IssuesOverview
Human Rights, Diversity, Equity & InclusionGive consideration to human dignity and conduct human-centric value creation in corporate activities; and respect diversity and foster a corporate culture in which everyone can contribute while remaining true to themselves
WellbeingCreate an environment where all employees can work with vitality and provide employees with opportunities to realize self-growth and to take maximum advantage of their talents
EnvironmentHelp address environmental issues by implementing climate change countermeasures that contribute to the achievement of the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target and by providing innovative solutions
ComplianceEnsure that employees of all organizations are rigorously informed about the Fujitsu Way Code of Conduct; cultivate awareness of higher levels of corporate ethics, including societal norms; and act with sincerity
Supply ChainRealize procurement in the Group’s supply chains that is highly diversified and which takes responsibility for human rights, the environment, and health and safety
Occupational Health and SafetyGive first priority to ensuring safety as well as sound physical and mental health and provide safe, healthy workplace environments that reflect the circumstances in respective countries and regions
CommunityConduct activities with a heightened sense of awareness for societal issues and create favorable socioeconomic impacts; and ensure those derived benefits generate even greater value
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