Materiality in the Fujitsu Group

The Fujitsu Group revised its approach to Materiality in 2023 in line with the formulation of the next Mid-Term Plan. We specified Materiality in 2018 under the Basic CSR Policy but have now updated it to encompass Materiality in Management, which incorporates the perspective of delivering value to customers and to society through our business activities.

Looking toward 2030, we conducted medium- to long-term evaluations from the perspectives of Fujitsu itself and its stakeholders, and we identified priority issues to be resolved on the path to sustainable growth. These fall under two categories (Essential Contributions and Foundation for Achieving Sustainable Development) and are further divided into six broad topics and 18 specific areas. In the first category of Essential Contributions, we will leverage the development of our Uvance offerings and a wide range of other businesses to provide customers and society with value that contributes to solving global environmental issues, developing a digital society, and improving people's well-being. Furthermore, we will strengthen our technology, management foundation, and human capital to create the Foundation for Achieving Sustainable Development as the source of value creation for the Fujitsu Group, while supporting the creation of new business models and spurring innovation.

We will continue to promote company-wide initiatives related to Materiality, reduce and avoid critical management risks, and maximize business opportunities. In this way, we aim to enhance the corporate value of the Fujitsu Group and contribute to achieving net positive in the topics of environmental issues, digital society, and people's well-being.

Materiality: 6 Topics

Materiality: 18 Areas

Essential Contributions (3 global imperatives, with 11 areas where we will contribute in)

Solving global environmental issues
Contribute to creating a future earth where both people and nature can thrive
Climate change (Carbon neutral)
Resource circulation (Circular economy)
Living in harmony with nature
(Protection and restoration of biodiversity)
Developing a digital society
Contribute to creating a trusted digital society where global prosperity and stability are compatible
Maintaining security of informationEliminating the digital divide
Leading ethical AI and ITEnsuring a positive work environment and addressing labor shortages
Assuring responsible supply chains
Improving people's well-being
Contribute to improving quality of life and opportunities across society to support the well-being of people
Contributing to healthcare for an improved quality of life
Promoting lifelong education & reskilling
Improving customer/consumer experience

Foundation for Achieving Sustainable Development (7 areas)

TechnologyInnovating cutting-edge digital technologies which co-create new opportunities to transform to a sustainable society
Creating and developing cutting-edge innovative technologies
Management FoundationData-driven management that pre-empts and flexibly responds to the business environment with highly efficient, rapid decision making
Governance and compliance
Risk management
Economic security management
Digital transformation
Human CapitalCreating innovation everywhere in society by bringing together agile and versatile people from inside & outside the Company
Well-being and
Human resource development
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