Digital Business Solutions and IoT

Partner with Fujitsu and fully embrace digitalization, AI, IoT, and network solutions

At Fujitsu, our portfolio of end-to-end digital solutions enables true hyperconnected business transformation. With our IoT solutions we leverage both our own and partner expertise in analytics and AI to deliver a clear real-time view of how your business is operating and performing at all times.

Discover how we can help you to act fast, unlock new ways to create value, and optimize everything.

Digital Business Solutions

With our digital transformation expertise and technologies that include; blockchain, RPA, AI, F|AIR, GlobeRanger, ACT, analytics, enterprise wearables, devices and sensors, machine learning, intelligent dashboard, optimization services, automation technologies, and cognitive capabilities, we plan and implement strategies that connect end-to-end processes.

At the heart of our digital business services is our range of highly secure and trusted cloud solutions - developed with security in mind to identify, detect, and protect your organization from security threat and cyberattack.

We work closely with you to co-create a customer-centric solution that combines all of our digital capabilities to deliver rapid deployment, robust operations, and enable innovation.

Our scalable and secure enterprise-wide transformation services and solutions enable you to:

  • lower costs
  • increase agility
  • transform your user experience

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Managed Network Services

Using our managed network service knowledge and expertise, we work with you to design and deploy LAN, WAN, WiFi, SD-WAN, SDN, Virtual Edge solutions. We offer end-to-end network management - from the data center right through to network endpoints. Whether your organization’s future direction is IoT, digitalization, Big Data, Hybrid IT, Artificial Intelligence, or the virtualization of assets – we have the critical infrastructure and services needed for your enterprise-wide transformation.

We have been leading the way in managed networks for over 30 years and can help your organization to fully understand the impact of new technologies and services for LAN, WAN, and WiFi networks.

Our approach to network virtualization uses SDN, SD-WAN, and NFV to significantly and positively impact strategic objectives. We partner with leading telecommunications providers and will work closely with you to co-create a solution to enable:

  • business transformation
  • increased customer engagement
  • operational excellence
  • product leadership

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Intelligent Communications

Fujitsu Intelligent Communications merges together all communication types - instant messaging, calling, video conferencing, and audio conferencing, into one application across desktop and mobile to deliver effective enterprise-wide collaboration. With our range of global solutions that includes; Microsoft Teams & Skype, Cisco Webex Teams, and Fujitsu UCaaS, we provide for all your networking, connectivity, and communication needs.

We deliver an entire productivity toolset from a single highly secure application managed from the Cloud. Through Business Process Integration, AI and BOTS we ensure operational efficiency of business toolsets. We work with you to co-create a solution that delivers:

  • centralization of services and associated cost management
  • increased competitive-edge with cloud services
  • increased agility and scalability
  • tasks and process automation with augmented services such as AI integration and BOTS
  • advanced analytics to measure employee productivity
  • enhanced employee engagement for remote workers

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Hyperconnected Business Solutions

With our ability to provide a set of managed components to simplify and support the delivery of IoT; from edge of the network sensors/actuators and to gateway devices, through to managed M2M connections and Multi-Cloud, we provide the key components and digital business applications needed to bridge the OT/IT divide and drive innovation and value from IoT.

We work in partnership with you to co-create a tailored-solution to deliver on your required business outcomes. We have strong solutions, partnerships, and delivery capabilities to address all levels of an IoT solution including; physical devices and controllers, connectivity, Edge computing, data accumulation and abstraction application, security, and collaboration and processes.

Our solutions are modular, flexible and open and include Track & Trace, Virtual Edge, Digital Signage, video analytics, and an IIoT Automation Suite. You simply select the services you need to achieve your required outcome.

With our help, you can become a truly connected business empowered to:

  • react faster
  • improve decision making
  • optimize processes

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Don't be left behind - contact Fujitsu to find out how to become a hyperconnected business fit for the 21st century.

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