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Fujitsu Way Revised


Since releasing the revised Fujitsu Way in 2020, we have implemented measures to communicate the content to all of our people, including via a range of presentations and briefings. To ensure that the Fujitsu Way message is thoroughly disseminated and understood, we have appointed Fujitsu Way promotion leaders in the parent company and in group companies both in Japan and overseas. We are establishing a governance structure in which these individuals will lead our efforts to promote the Fujitsu Way throughout the year.

Activities to Promote the Fujitsu Way

In-house communication initiatives

Image of Fujitsu Way BookletImage of Fujitsu Way Booklet

To coincide with the revision of the Fujitsu Way, we released a range of internal-focused communications including messages from the CEO and articles in our online in-house magazines. In this internal messaging, we incorporated the wise words of previous CEOs and other pioneers – to reflect the DNA to be carried forward – as well as the enhanced vision that the current CEO and senior management have in mind for Fujitsu. The objective is for all employees to understand the background underlying the words and to realize the significance of the Fujitsu Way to themselves personally. We will continue to use briefing sessions and other meetings, as well as explanatory videos, to ensure that all our people employ the Fujitsu Way as they work to achieve Our Purpose.

Fujitsu Way meetings help to build our global governance structure

The CEO holds semiannual Fujitsu Way Meetings with the Fujitsu Way promotion leaders to directly convey the thoughts of senior management and to enhance motivation and understanding of the Fujitsu Way. In FY2021, approximately 400 of these leaders participated in the meetings, under the theme of “Fujitsu Way promotion leaders take charge with practical implementation on the front lines”. The CEO also addresses Fujitsu Town Hall meetings, and we implement initiatives from the Human Resources Unit designed to share management’s purpose-driven technology strategy and promote the Fujitsu Way. Furthermore, the governance structure that we are creating encompasses Fujitsu Way initiatives on a global scale, including the groupwide deployment of best practice concepts by front-line business units to achieve the current goal of “Implementing the Fujitsu Way on the front lines”.

Broadening the message through Purpose Carving®

Purpose Carving

To realize Fujitsu’s corporate purpose, the ideas of every employee must be brought together to generate even greater strength. We have therefore commenced a journey that will allow each of our employees to give shape to their individual purpose.

Purpose Carving® is an interactive program that enables people to express their purpose in words, and it is being rolled out throughout the Fujitsu Group. The Purpose Carving® methodology encourages individuals to reconsider the meaning of their work and their life in a broad sense before carving out their own purpose, which is then overlaid on Fujitsu’s corporate purpose to act as a driving force for transformation. The management group were first to engage in this program and it is now being extended to all employees. Approximately 1,600 employees who joined Fujitsu Group companies in Japan during FY2021 completed Purpose Carving® as part of their new employee training.

Sustainability Contribution Awards

The Fujitsu Group repositioned the Environmental Contribution Awards, which were launched in 1995, and opened them up to all employees across every group company while rebranding them as Sustainability Contribution Awards. The aim is to further promote the Fujitsu Way by recognizing “Activities to Enhance Sustainability in Society (Outputs to Society)” and “Fostering Mindsets and Culture (Organizational Cultural Change)”. Fujitsu Way promotion leaders and the Chief Sustainability Officer serve as judges, and they base their decisions on the extent to which the entries embody the values and purpose reflected in the Fujitsu Way and on the various elements of Global Responsible Business.

A total of 127 entries were submitted by a wide range of Fujitsu Group companies, and two Grand Awards and six Excellence Awards were presented. Overviews of the two Grand Award recipient projects appear below.

  • Grand Award Winners
    Unparalleled Speed on the MLPerf HPC Machine Learning Processing Benchmark
    Power consumption for computing is growing year by year, and more efficient programming is critical to reduce the amount of energy consumed. In November 2020, two systems in Japan claimed the top positions on the MLPerf HPC benchmark, which measures large-scale machine learning processing on a level requiring supercomputers. The ABCI open computing infrastructure, from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and RIKEN’s Fugaku supercomputer, jointly developed by Fujitsu, achieved the world’s highest performance for two different types of systems. The processing speeds achieved in this benchmark will enable the scale of machine learning processing required for the detection of abnormal weather phenomena and new discoveries in astrophysics. This achievement reflects Fujitsu’s excellent technical capabilities and programming efficiency, and the result will contribute to reductions in the amount of energy consumed during machine learning.

    Rapid Action by the COVID-19 Infection Control Team
    Fujitsu sensed the magnitude of the problem even before the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread in Japan and established the COVID-19 Infection Control Team. To provide an urgent response to a virus for which appropriate countermeasures were not known, they found solutions to problems with the lean Consulting Creation methodology that works even when those on the front lines cannot provide any specifications. The team’s activities produced Japan’s first successful multipurpose infection control system, which is used in such areas as medical care, long-term care, schools, companies, and quarantine facilities. Furthermore, the team was quick to provide an efficient vaccine reservation system that helped to ease the confusion experienced by local government agencies and workplaces when attempting to manage reservations for vaccination appointments.

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