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The Fujitsu Way

Our Purpose
Our Purpose

We have established the Fujitsu Way, a set of principles for all employees to observe based on Our Purpose, which indicates the reason for Fujitsu's existence in society. All Fujitsu employees work to achieve Our Purpose in their daily activities, while keeping in mind Our Values (Aspiration, Trust, and Empathy) and the Code of Conduct as they deliver value to customers and society.

Activities to Promote the Fujitsu Way

In-house Communication Initiatives

Sample pages from the Fujitsu Way booklet
Sample pages from the Fujitsu Way booklet

Fujitsu has been deploying in-house communication initiatives to boost the degree of empathy with the Fujitsu Way.
To promote the Fujitsu Way globally, we have appointed Fujitsu Way promotion leaders as part of the corporate governance structure. These individuals are responsible for promoting the Fujitsu Way on the front lines, and they participate in regular Fujitsu Way Meetings with the CEO as a way of spurring motivation.
We have also produced a Fujitsu Way booklet and shared it with employees worldwide to ensure that each and every Fujitsu employee understands the Fujitsu Way and makes it their own. The booklet incorporates management's thinking on ways to implement change in Fujitsu. It also includes the words of former CEOs and other pioneers plus the background to their messages, which today form the company's DNA, embedded in the Fujitsu Way. We will continue to communicate the Fujitsu Way through workshops and videos, to ensure that all employees engage in the Fujitsu Way and work toward achieving Our Purpose.

Broadening the Message through Purpose Carving®

Illustration of executives who participated in 'Fujitra Radio with Leaders'
Illustration of executives who participated in 'Fujitra Radio with Leaders'

In 2020, with the need to coalesce the ideas of each and every employee to generate greater synergy and achieve Our Purpose, we started rolling out the Purpose Carving® program, an initiative to shape and inform each individual's own purpose (My Purpose).
Purpose Carving® is an interactive program that enables participants to reflect on their personal journeys and values, carving out their own purpose as they contemplate the future. With 65,000 employees worldwide having completed the program as of July 2022, the overlaying of their purposes on Fujitsu's corporate Purpose provides the driving force for transformation.
Fujitsu also initiated Purpose Reflections, a program in which participants reflect on the overlap between their daily work and My Purpose, and other programs involving growth and relationship-building initiatives driven by My Purpose.
Furthermore, we launched a program of live-streamed events titled 'Fujitra Radio with Leaders' that allowed employees to watch interviews with Fujitsu's executive leaders, thereby gaining insights into their individual purposes and thoughts on transformation. The 28 executives took turns participating in this weekly program, which attracted an overall audience of 45,000. Ninety percent of viewers said the interviews gave them a greater affinity for these executive leaders. Through such promotional measures, Fujitsu aims to generate individual and organizational behavior transformation by helping employees to discover their own purpose and by reconciling everyone's own purpose with Fujitsu's Purpose.

Sustainability Contribution Awards

The Sustainability Contribution Awards program is an in-house program established to help achieve Fujitsu's Purpose. To create the type of sustainable society that Fujitsu envisions, the entire organization - individuals and the company - must innovate and generate new value based on Our Purpose and business direction. Therefore, the Sustainability Contribution Awards are designed to not only recognize Outputs to Society, but also include awards for Organizational Cultural Change that brings meaningful transformation to the way things have traditionally been done. Fujitsu Way promotion leaders and the Chief Sustainability Officer serve as judges, and they base their decisions on the extent to which the entries embody the values and purpose reflected in the Fujitsu Way and on the various elements of Global Responsible Business.
In FY2021, a total of 166 applications were received from Fujitsu Group companies worldwide, resulting in the presentation of two Grand Awards and seven Excellence Awards. Overviews of the two Grand Award recipient projects appear below.

  • Grand Award Recipients
    Unifying Diverse Stakeholders through Transparent Supply Chain Solutions that Address Societal Challenges
    • Fujitsu supports and implements sustainable initiatives for many customers and stakeholders, using blockchain to deter activity in the gray zone and ensure end-to-end reliability as well as transparency and traceability that transcends industries and business sectors for global commodities trading. These projects also offer benefits including protection for producers, elimination of water resource shortages, and the achievement of carbon offsets.
    • Solution case studies: Sustainable water purification and water trading platforms, a rice trading platform, and projects to ensure traceability in areas such as the food manufacturing industry, in the reuse of end-of-life Electric Vehicle batteries, and in the fashion industry.

    Global Delivery Responsible Business Program (GRiP): Creating Long-term Impact through Education (Educational Volunteer Activities in Local Communities)
    • GRiP's educational outreach program is designed to support the most challenged local education and training facilities, by empowering students to reach their potential to succeed as they prepare for the digital world of the future. More than 80 educational programs were conducted across all nine of Fujitsu's Global Delivery Centers between April and December 2021, recording a total of 6,799 volunteer hours and providing educational support to almost 7,000 people around the world.
    • Examples of activities: Internships and workshops related to technology (robotics, AI, cybersecurity). Career presentations and conferences for students to raise awareness of technology career options. Provision of hardware, stationery, and funding to educational institutions. Promotion of gender equality through specialized technical courses and educational outreach for women.
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