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Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center through Fujitsu

Delivering superior and personalized omnichannel customer experiences that save time and lower cost

Drive transformation within your business. Deliver outstanding customer experiences and ensure the resilience to operate through disruptive circumstances by migrating your contact center to the Cloud. Leverage seamless omnichannel cloud contact experiences that not only deliver better, lower-cost customer services but also boost your brand and reputation.

Amazon Connect is an omnichannel cloud contact center solution designed to make it easy to prioritize, manage, track and automate tasks, improve productivity and ensure the rapid resolution of customer issues. It’s an open platform that can be easily integrated with a range of enterprise applications, such as ServiceNow and Salesforce.

Partner with Fujitsu and Amazon Connect and overcome cloud migration complexity to take advantage of the AWS ecosystem and innovate new experiences for your customers. Working together, Fujitsu and AWS can help you to improve your user experience, deliver better customer service outcomes and create personalized customer experiences through the use of omnichannel communications.

Icon showing Dynamic Chat & Voice

Dynamically offers chat and voice contacts based on customer preferences and estimated waiting times

Icon showing agents interface

Agents can create and complete tasks using the same user interface as they use to take calls and chat

Icon showing routed chat for agents

Agents can chat with customers as well as create or respond to tasks as they are routed to them

Amazon Connect and Fujitsu – delivering desired business outcomes

Migrating Fujitsu Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) to Amazon Connect quickly led to noticeable customer service improvements. Next-gen capabilities including AI and machine learning delivered a zero-touch service desk experience that boosted productivity and increased efficiency while lowering costs. In addition, greater visibility and increased customer insight was gained through business data analytics.

Amazon Connect cloud contact center benefits realized:

Operational costs


Licenses, telephony, infrastructure and automation savings

Call recording costs


Compared to the previous solution, savings



Introduction of seamless chat translation

Cost reduction with new tools

Customized Agent Workspace

Email capabilities included in custom CCP

Reduction of operational manual effort

3Resources (1/2 time)

Incident logging automation into ServiceNow (previously 20 hours per week)

Reduction of manual efforts for flow design

2hrsDown from 20 hrs

Fujitsu Amazon Connect experience and insight combined with Fujitsu's expertise in creating cloud contact centers and deep knowledge of AI and machine learning integration make Fujitsu the ideal partner for your contact center migration.

  • Increased customer satisfaction with reduced call times, faster resolution and rapid routing
  • Agent productivity boosted with virtual agents

Why choose AWS as your cloud partner?

With AWS as your cloud partner, you can accelerate your cloud adoption journey to keep pace with customer expectations. The AWS environment easily integrates with next-gen technologies, cyber security and storage which means you can experience constant innovation without compromise. AI and Machine Learning tools developed by AWS-certified developers mean you can deliver superior customer service experiences.

The benefits of using AWS specialists:

Icon showing AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML tools developed by certified developers in the Cloud

Icon showing Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

Business-sensitive data is encrypted and stored in secure databases

Icon showing Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

Amazon Connect experts migrate your contact center to the AWS Cloud

Icon showing Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Business insights at a glance with customized dashboards of raw and processed data

Icon showing Support


24/7 support by AWS-certified specialists

Why choose Amazon Connect through Fujitsu?

Next generation capabilities
Icon showing Next generation capabilities
Pricing scheme per usage
Icon showing Pricing scheme per usage
Amazon Connect logo

Why Amazon Connect?

Icon showing API based integrations
“Out of the box” platform allowed API based integrations
Icon showing AWS support
AWS support during migration

Major Functionalities

Icon showing Call recording and call analysis

Call recording and call analysis

Icon showing Natural language processing

Natural language processing

Icon showing Ease of management

Ease of management

Icon showing Open-source integration

Open-source integration

Icon showing Automation


As an Amazon Connect strategic partner, Fujitsu can help you to address your business needs.

  • Expertise in creating contact centers in the Cloud.
  • Experience in operating hundreds of contact centers supporting the needs of global customers that include 24/7/365 operations and multilingual requirements.
  • General architecture that provides an Amazon Connect environment that integrates with next-gen technologies, security and storage to allow you to innovate without compromising your security.
  • Expertise in designing, building and integrating Amazon Connect into next-generation service desks.
  • Proactive support and ongoing maintenance service for Amazon Connect environments.

Customer stories

Fujitsu’s goal is to support customers by developing infrastructure that aligns with the Fujitsu company strategy of zero-touch service desks through low-cost and innovative solutions.



For Centrica, a UK multinational energy company with around 20,000 employees, Fujitsu provided a voice bot with self-service options for their field engineers.

Solution: The Fujitsu voice bot particularly focuses on chase calls, where users give or receive updates on an existing ticket. This information can now be given and requested via a bot, reducing service desk call volume. In addition, Fujitsu also implemented sentiment analysis via Contact Lens to remove any bias and increase the sample rate for QA. Agents now receive additional information about the customer’s previous interactions with the service desk via Fujitsu’s Custom CCP, enabling them to focus on specific bad interactions and low-performing agents to make coaching sessions more effective and improve service desk performance.

Outcome: “Over the 7 months of Lex being active on our account, we have had 3 out of 10,000 users sending negative feedback regarding Lex. The fact that 10% of customers exit the phone call, following Lex’s update, evidences the effectiveness of the tool. This 10% reduction allows our agents to focus on new issues from our customers and give priority to new issues that can prevent user downtime and frustration” – Claire Handley, Centrica Global Senior Digital Service Delivery Manager



Legrand is a global manufacturing company with a 24/7 service desk supporting multiple languages. Some of the languages supported had a low volume resulting in Legrand having to hire agents for niche languages for 24/7 cover.

Solution: To overcome the resourcing need for niche language skills on a multilingual service desk, Fujitsu developed seamless translation for chat in the Fujitsu Custom CCP. Agents can now interact with customers over chat via a real-time translation removing the need for niche language recruitment.

Outcome: Fewer agents are now required without compromising 24/7 availability and the languages offered.


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