GRB (Global Responsible Business) Goals for FY2025


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GRB Goals

Priority issue“WHAT FUJITSU ASPIRES TO BE” and “GOALS FOR FY2025”Major Achievements in FY2023

Human Rights and DE&I
◆Human Rights
In both the real-world and digital societies, consideration for "human dignity" is reflected in all our corporate activities and we constantly work to "create human-centric value".
Prevent and mitigate Human Rights risks throughout our value chain
  • Conduct continuous Human Rights e-learning courses (maintain an attendance rate of 90% or more)
  • Hold annual Stakeholder Dialogue sessions
  • Work with our partners, customers and NGOs to establish activities that enable Human Rights, using Fujitsu’s expertise and technologies
  • Conducted e-learning on "Business and Human Rights" for new employees and career hires Attendance rate: 77%
  • Held a dialogue with external experts on Fujitsu Group's Business and Human Rights initiatives (March 2024)
◆Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)
Be a responsible business that reflects the diversity of our world. Build an inclusive and equitable culture where everyone belongs and can be completely themselves. We will celebrate difference and ensure that people can succeed regardless of their personal identity. Through inclusive design and innovation, we will endeavor to make a positive impact within society and empower each other to make the world more sustainable.
Ensure all employees feel supported and respected at Fujitsu regardless of age, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, identity, and ability
  • Improve the average employee engagement survey score relating to the question on “Respect for individuals”by 7 points (to 80)
Build an inclusive and equitable culture where everyone belongs and can be completely themselves
  • Improve the average employee engagement survey score relating to the question on “Equal opportunity”by 4 points (to 74)
Have equal representation of women in Fujitsu with an additional focus on leadership roles
  • Increase the ratio of women in leadership roles to 20% across Fujitsu
Reflect the societies we work in, from executive level downwards and promote respect and tolerance to achieve a culturally aware and unbiased work environment
  • Build and deliver an integrated, holistic strategy for Culture and Ethnicity which is globally relevant and incorporates local initiatives
Drive LGBTI+ inclusion best practice to support employees and their families across all Fujitsu locations
  • Implement FWEI (Fujitsu Workplace Equality Index) Standards to deliver opportunity and belonging for LGBTI+ colleagues
Ensure that all employees, customers, and members of society can use our solutions, products, services, and systems and can understand our communications
  • Advocate and improve digital accessibility as part of corporate strategy which covers brand communication, customer experience and workplace
  • Employee engagement
    “Respect for individuals” improved by 73 points (+2 YoY)
    “Equal opportunity” improved by 71 points (+1 YoY)
  • Increased the ratio of women in leadership roles to 15.75% (March 2024)
  • Conducted events that meet the needs of each country and region, taking into account cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Shared messages from top management to create an accommodating workplace environment for LGBTI⁺ employees; held "Pride Month" in each of our global regions
  • Developed an "Accessibility Statement" that covers brand communication, customer experience, and the workplace

A state in which each of us acts on our authentic values, and progresses for a brighter future through work and life.
Each employee takes concrete actions toward the realization of their own well-being
  • Well-being:
    • Sending well-being messages to global for promotion understanding of well-being
    • Development of well-being indicators
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Zero occurrences of serious accidents
  • Shared messages to promote widespread understanding of well-being globally : Twice
  • Developed well-being indicators: Conducted a well-being survey (Japan)
  • No. of serious accidents: 0

Fujitsu will fulfill its social responsibilities as a global corporate SX leader. In addition to achieving our carbon neutrality goals, we will solve various environmental challenges by providing innovative solutions through co-creation with our customers.
Fulfill our social responsibilities and help to resolve environmental challenges
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Fujitsu facilities and the supply chain with the aim of achieving the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard
  • Avoid risks associated with our business activities and minimize our impact on the environment
  • Help to resolve environmental challenges for customers and society through our business operations
    →Specific targets are set in the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage XI)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction rate:
    • Actual reduction of 42.7% resulting the emission to be down to 326,000 tons, compared to the target of at least a 30.0% reduction (down to 398,000 tons)
      (approx. 10.0% annual reduction against the FY2020 baseline.)
    • Renewable energy usage ratio: Actual 43.0% compared to a target of at least 37% (against the FY2020 baseline.)
  • Avoided risks and minimize our impact on the environment:
    • Water usage: Actual reduction of 57,000 m3 compared to a target reduction of at least 19,000 m3
    • Developed products and services that contribute to a Circular Economy (CE) business model: Implemented workshops, etc, to brief product-line BUs on the development of CE business products and services. Requested product LOBs to set individual goals such as long-term stabilization of maintenance parts by refurbishing rental products.
    [Supply Chain]
    • CO2 emissions from electricity consumption during product use: Actual 34.2% reduction compared to a target 7.5% reduction (against the FY2020 baseline.)
    • Encouragement of GHG emissions reduction in the supply chain: 54.0% of our major the Fujitsu Group’s key partners set emissions reduction targets (SBT WB 2°C-aligned), as against a target of at least 50.0%
    • CO2 emission reduction and water resource conservation in the upstream supply chain: 100% completion of call to action for our key partners
  • Helped to resolve environmental challenges for customers and society through our business operations
    • Participation in WBCSD Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) Program enabled expansion of global supply chain implementation, including successful net zero initiatives achieved through data linkage and visualization of CO2 emissions across the supply chain

Ensure that all officers and employees within the Fujitsu Group conduct their business activities with a high level of compliance awareness, and through those activities the Fujitsu Group becomes a trusted corporate group that is chosen by stakeholders for investment, business transactions, and employment and that fulfills its role as a model for society.
To ensure that the entire organization is familiar with the Fujitsu Way Code of Conduct, relating to compliance, the Global Compliance Program (GCP) will be implemented throughout the Group to instill a high level of awareness toward compliance. The management team will take the lead in fostering a corporate culture where no employees tolerate any kind of misconduct (Zero Tolerance). We will expand our corporate activities in accordance with the GCP and also seek the understanding of all stakeholders involved in our business
  • Send out annual messages on the importance of compliance from management in Fujitsu's head office,
    including the CEO, and from the heads of Group companies in each country
  • Provide annual compliance training to more than 100 business partners
  • Prevent bribery and cartels from occurring
  • Sent out messages to all employees from the CEO, the heads of each business region, and presidents of Group companies in each country on the importance of compliance at Fujitsu Compliance Week to coincide with International Anti-Corruption Day
  • Provided compliance training to 211 business partners
  • Confirmed cases of bribery and/or cartel activity: 0

Supply Chain
The Fujitsu Group will realize a responsible supply chain that takes into consideration human rights, health and safety, and the environment and also ensures diversity.
Prevent and reduce human rights risks in the supply chain
  • To prevent problems from occurring, create a system that promotes visualization of suppliers and identification of issues in parallel with requests for compliance with procurement guidelines
Promote GHG emission reductions in the supply chain
  • Request major suppliers to set numerical targets in line with international standards in order to jointly promote GHG emission reductions
    (The goal is that emission reduction targets equivalent to SBT WB2°C be set by major suppliers)
Ensure supply chain diversity
  • Establish diversity indicators and activities based on the social needs in each region and country
  • Create a system to measure the status of supplier initiatives, with activities in Japan defined as women's empowerment
  • Prevented and reduced human rights risks in the supply chain
    • Released new procurement guidelines; obtained written consent to guidelines from 220 suppliers; evaluated digital tools for obtaining risk information
  • Promoted GHG emission reductions in the supply chain
    • Completed the setting of emissions reduction targets for 54% of major suppliers in FY2022 (based on procurement amount)
  • Ensured supply chain diversity
    • Achieved procurement KPIs in the UK, Americas, and Oceania from companies with a diverse set of attributes (eg, SMEs, women-owned/led businesses, minority-owned businesses)
    • Held briefing sessions on promoting women's empowerment and asked companies to register in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's “Database on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” (271 companies participated; 262 companies have registered)

Every employee is increasing their empathy for social issues and engaging in activities through collaboration and co-creation with a wide range of stakeholders, making a significant and positive impact on society, thereby creating growth opportunities for Fujitsu and contributing to the realization of Our Purpose.
Foster our corporate culture for community activities* and make an impact on society
  • Employees participate in community activities (20% of employees)
*Community activities: Activities aimed at creating value by resolving challenges in society through global cooperation with local communities, which are important stakeholders
  • Employees participated in community activities (19.8% of employees)
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