The Fujitsu Group Purpose

Our Purpose is to make the world
more sustainable by building trust
in society through innovation

Forever Evolving

To fulfill the Fujitsu Group Purpose, we will enhance our ability to stay in tune with global society, while continuing to make agile changes, and creating value.

As a Force to Change the Status Quo

The Fujitsu Group's purpose is "to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation." This commitment to humanity is designed to enhance employee empathy towards society. It is also a commitment from each and every employee to think beyond their immediate roles to a broader, more global perspective, and lead the way towards large-scale societal transformation.

Takahito Tokita, CEO & CDXO

COVID-19 Response that Emphasizes Prompt Management Decisions and Action

In addition to ensuring the lives and safety of employees and their families, our response to COVID-19 has been to act swiftly to support customers at the forefront of preventing the spread of the virus. By activating Our Purpose against this cause, we made prompt management decisions, taking quick action, and disseminating information under difficult circumstances.

A Shift in Values Caused by the Pandemic

COVID-19 has not only impacted us through the spread of the infection itself, but also through a shift in our fundamental values.
Remote working, introduced by many companies in a short period of time would have taken years to adopt without such a crisis.
That's not all. There is a possibility of an even greater need for innovative services and business process transformation, making full use of digital technology and data—that is, “Digital Transformation (DX).”

Creating Value for Customers with “For Growth” and “For Stability”

To achieve Our Purpose, we will deliver value to customers in two business areas. The first area, "For Growth," contributes to developing customer business through Digital Transformation and modernization. The second area, “For Stability," contributes to the stable operation of customers' businesses through traditional IT services. By creating value in ways unique to Fujitsu in these two business domains, we strive to be our customers' best partner in Digital Transformation and achieve their stable growth over the long term.

Promoting DX Internally

We are also accelerating transformation within the Group to create new value. Creating data-driven management, launching an ambitious Company-wide DX project, and formulating marketing strategies that utilize customer feedback in real time like the “Work Life Shift” campaign which reimagines the role of offices and workstyles for the “new normal” era. We are promoting a series of measures to facilitate internal transformation to realize the essential changes that pave the way for the Fujitsu Group's future.

FUJITSU Work Life Shift

Our company began unifying its employee communication infrastructure on a global basis in fiscal 2015, and in fiscal 2016 began a shift to a multi-cloud environment. In fiscal 2020, we created an environment in which all employees can engage in remote working, and in July, we began promoting the "Work Life Shift" to further accelerate its shift to redefine Working Styles.

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Commitment to Transformation Expressed in Non-Financial Indicators

In order for the Group to succeed in the future we need to embrace the idea of “agile change” to swiftly and accurately grasp evolving situations and fine-tune our trajectory while moving toward our goal. To achieve this, we included non-financial management indicators by targeting customer Net Promoter Score (NPS), which shows the trust of our customers, and “employee engagement,” which shows the enthusiasm of employees toward their work and a sense of belonging to the organization. Financial performance and non-financial performance are two essential wheels for sustainable value creation and, in turn, for us to achieve Our Purpose.

Figure of Management Indicators aiming to achieve for the FY ending March 31, 2023 in Technology Solutions. 1) Financial Indicators are Revenue (3.5 trillion yen), Operating profit margin (10%), EPS. 2) Non-Financial Indicators are Customer NPSs and Employee engagement.

Fujitsu Group Integrated Report

Integrated Report 2020


  • Letter From the Management
    To Realize Fujitsu's Purpose
    Takahito Tokita
    Representative Director and CEO, CDXO
  • Progress Toward Becoming a DX Company
  • Sustainability Management
    (Global Responsible Business framework)

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Fujitsu's Response to COVID-19

In response to the spread of the novel coronavirus, Fujitsu has been pursuing efforts to stop the spread of infection and ensure business continuity, while ensuring the safety of its customers, its partners, its employees, and their families.
We will continue to provide services and products to our customers responding to the challenges, proactively utilizing our strengths in technologies such as Cloud, security, IoT and AI to address the variety of societal problems arising from the spread of infection.

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Fujitsu Way

The Fujitsu Way comprises 3 parts: "Our Purpose", “Our Values" and "Code of Conduct".
"Our Purpose" indicates why Fujitsu exists in society.
"Our Values" are the important sense of value each person should have.
"Code of Conduct" is what we should comply.

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