Trends in Water Usage and Amount of Recycled Water

Water usage [10,000 m3]1,383991677689
Amount of recycled water [10,000 m3]688468369338
Water discharge [10,000 m3]1,265906648668
BOD [tons]270247303301
COD [tons]5535915

Trends in Water Usage and Amounts of Recycled Water

Total water withdrawal data by source

Fresh surface water, including rainwater, water from wetlands, rivers, and lakes (megaliters)000
Brackish surface water/seawater (megaliters)000
Groundwater - renewable (megaliters)4,2634,0144,151
Groundwater - non-renewable (megaliters)000
Produced / Entrained water (megaliters)000
Third party sources (megaliters)5,6442,7552,824
Total withdrawals (megaliters)9,9076,7696,975

Total water discharge data by destination

Fresh surface water (megaliters)7,4675,2515,388
Brackish surface water/seawater (megaliters)000
Groundwater (megaliters)000
Third-party destinations (megaliters)1,5921,2301,290
Total discharges (megaliters)9,0596,4816,678
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