Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2023 download

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book, responding international information disclosure requirements and latest domestic regulations, describes in detail about the basic stance, framework, policies, organization and internal/external activities in the Fujitsu Group.

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2023 download

Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book 2023

Download by section

Table of ContentsPDFDownloadPDF(33 KB/A4, 1 pages)
Message from the CEOPDFDownloadPDF(104 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Fujitsu Way and Purpose promotionPDFDownloadPDF(1666 KB/A4, 30 pages)
Sustainability ManagementPDFDownloadPDF(1155 KB/A4, 17 pages)
Global Responsible BusinessHuman Rights, Diversity, Equity and InclusionPDFDownloadPDF(1785 KB/A4, 26 pages)
Well-beingPDFDownloadPDF(3765 KB/A4, 42 pages)
Environment PDFDownloadPDF(4206 MB/A4, 83 pages)
Environment ManagementPDFDownloadPDF(1634 KB/A4, 24 pages)
Climate ChangePDFDownloadPDF(535 KB/A4, 12 pages)
Living in Harmony with NaturePDFDownloadPDF(249 KB/A4, 4 pages)
Environment Action PlanPDFDownloadPDF(1583 KB/A4, 29 pages)
Environment DataPDFDownloadPDF(237 KB/A4, 13 pages)
CompliancePDFDownloadPDF(311 KB/A4, 11 pages)
Supply ChainPDFDownloadPDF(193 KB/A4, 6 pages)
CommunityPDFDownloadPDF(992 KB/A4, 11 pages)
GovernancePDFDownloadPDF(2174 KB/A4, 28 pages)
Social & Governance DataPDFDownloadPDF(100 KB/A4, 6 pages)
Fujitsu Group ProfilePDFDownloadPDF(175 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Financial & Non-financial HighlightsPDFDownloadPDF(250 KB/A4, 1 pages)
Sustainability Data Book FrameworkPDFDownloadPDF(105 KB/A4, 2 pages)
Independent Assurance ReportPDFDownloadPDF(92 KB/A4, 3 pages)
GRI Standards / UNGC principles / SASB Comparison TablePDFDownloadPDF(185 KB/A4, 16 pages)

The contents of this data book are also available on the following website.

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