Energy and Utilities

Digital Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Digitalizing the value chain - guaranteeing quality, availability and reliability

Today, disruptive technologies are driving change across the energy and utilities value chain. Faced with rising consumer demand for affordable, environmentally sustainable electricity, increased pressure on existing infrastructure, government regulation, an aging workforce, and grid modernization, digital technologies are a powerful tool in helping the industry to improve and evolve.

By implementing innovative new digital solutions - from advanced sensors/devices driving smart grids, machine learning predicting asset availability to AI enabling better fault prediction and smart devices giving consumers power over their consumption - providers can overcome the challenges they face in guaranteeing quality, availability and reliability.

Within the industry, there’s a lot to do, and the challenge for providers doesn’t end with infrastructure modernization. To maintain revenue and aid retention, providers must also meet the needs of today’s digitally savvy energy customers by delivering personalized retail-like consumer experiences across multiple channels.

Fujitsu digital IT solutions – transforming with confidence

At Fujitsu, we believe the way forward for energy and utilities providers is to take a digital ‘inside out’ approach. One that reinvents customer processes, empowers employees and delivers greater intelligence, where:

  • processes are highly automated and driven by proactive energy management
  • intelligent grids detect energy loss, prevent outages and sense demand
  • predictive asset maintenance amplifies performance whilst reducing cost
  • passive ratepayers emerge as informed, environmentally aware consumers

We are experts in developing and delivering innovative digital solutions that create new opportunities for our customers. Through our connected infrastructure, supply chain management and workforce offerings we can help you to; leverage assets, drive operational excellence, unlock complexity, and create new business opportunities.

Digital co-creation in energy and utilities
Digital co-creation in energy and utilities - text version

Supporting one of the world's largest players in wind energy to produce 30TWh of power annually.

Helping to keep the lights on for over 100 million people worldwide.

Supporting the flow of water to over 65 million people globally.

Managing and enhancing applications for one energy firm to deliver 24/7 via a network of 48,200 kilimetres of gas pipelines and 7,000 kilometres of power lines.

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Why choose Fujitsu as your digital partner?

We are one of the top 5 digital IT service and solutions providers in the world and understand that digital transformation is as much about knowing what processes to digitalize, automate and transform as it is knowing how to implement new digital technology.

Investing up to $1.5bn in research and development every year, we create world-leading digital solutions that enable our energy and utilities customers to digitalize with confidence and transform their operations.

We work with energy and utilities providers around the globe leveraging digital opportunity across three dimensions – connecting assets, intelligence, and the workforce, and have proven experience developing and deploying intelligent digital solutions that:

  • address the energy trilemma of ‘affordability’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘security’
  • unlock innovation
  • grow revenue
  • build a smart workforce
  • maintain the security and safety of infrastructure, data and people

Kansai Electric Power Case Study

Utilizing data curators and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create new value out of power usage.