Message from the CEO


Takahito Tokita CEO & CDXO, Fujitsu LimitedTakahito TokitaCEO & CDXO, Fujitsu Limited

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, we are adjusting to ‘life with COVID’ and aiming to minimize the spread of infection while maintaining regular socioeconomic activities as much as possible. The pandemic has also accelerated the trend toward digital transformation and is triggering the adoption of new lifestyle patterns. On the negative front, disparities and inequities in society are widening, as illustrated by geopolitical risks such as the situation in Ukraine. Coupled with a complex market environment and economic instability, the impact is generating considerable anxiety throughout the world. This unpredictable and uncertain situation has renewed our awareness of the importance of responding rapidly to challenges and contributing to the creation of societal systems that leave no one behind. In addition to responding to immediate events, management must adopt a long-term perspective regarding the global environment and societal risks, while considering the interests of all stakeholders. As an example, with the issue of climate change – also referred to as “the climate crisis” – action is required now to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. I believe that we must place sustainability issues such as these at the core of our management approach and work collaboratively with our customers and other stakeholders to fulfill Fujitsu’s dual roles of supporting social sustainability and succeeding in our business operations.

The Fujitsu Group’s purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. As a company that has provided value to customers through technology for many decades, we feel a heightened sense of responsibility to proactively contribute to this transformation. Our purpose also acts as a compass to guide the 120,000 Fujitsu professionals around the world and harness their thoughts and capabilities as they work together to enhance the sustainability of society. To align all business areas toward achieving our purpose, we are now conducting a comprehensive reform of our internal structures, systems, and corporate culture. One example of this approach is the complete overhaul of our human resources management system that we implemented last fiscal year. Recognizing that Fujitsu’s people are the most valuable resource both for delivering value to society and for driving the company’s medium- to long-term growth, this sweeping change encourages continual growth by each individual as they challenge themselves in work and study, with a view to their own career development.

To realize our purpose, we have established non-financial management indicators in addition to financial indicators. We understand that sustainability management is necessary to make a stable, long-term contribution to society, which in turn creates opportunities for our own growth. To this end, Fujitsu conducts activities within the framework of Global Responsible Business (GRB), under which the following seven priority issues have been specified: Human Rights, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Wellbeing; Environment; Compliance; Supply Chain; Occupational Health and Safety; and Community. Last fiscal year, we incorporated the GRB perspective into our standard sales proposal process. By including Fujitsu’s own GRB activities as references in customer proposals, we are supporting customer efforts to help overcome societal challenges.

In addition, we launched Fujitsu Uvance as a global business brand designed to contribute to the resolution of societal challenges by addressing sustainability as a business, not simply as an activity within the company. Taking as a starting point the issues that must be resolved to realize the ideal society of 2030, we have systematized our future focus by combining a cross-industry perspective with the digital solutions and platforms that support these issues, as well as considering Fujitsu’s technological strengths, the needs of the world, and other factors. We have defined seven Key Focus Areas, including Sustainable Manufacturing, Consumer Experience, and Digital Shifts. Through these areas, we aim to support the sustainability transformation journeys of our customers while creating ecosystems with other companies and organizations that possess a range of capabilities, as we work to link them and help overcome challenges faced by society as a whole.
Fujitsu is committed to promoting purpose-driven management based on GRB and Fujitsu Uvance, thereby contributing to enhanced sustainability for society.

Finally, as a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, the Fujitsu Group supports the 10 principles in the four areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. We are absolutely committed to minimizing negative impacts on people and society and to promoting a corporate culture throughout our global business that is aimed at eliminating corruption.

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