Message from the President

Representative Director and President Takahito Tokita

Since the Industrial Revolution, technological advances and the trend toward globalization have led to astounding progress in society. This sudden growth, however, has also triggered global warming and rapid urbanization and created numerous social distortions, such as widening inequality. Turning to the digital society, new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G are bringing unprecedented convenience to our daily lives and to businesses. On the other hand, new challenges such as privacy, security and reduced employment are emerging.

I am convinced that we must make a contribution to the sustainability of the planet if Fujitsu is to continue growing on a worldwide basis. To ensure a prosperous future for Fujitsu and global society, the fundamental approach to sustainability-oriented management must be to radically change the way enterprises consider their impact on the economy, society at large and the business world.

To date, Fujitsu has employed information and communications technologies (ICT) and worked hand-in-hand with customers to deliver value in myriad ways. Fujitsu itself is now transitioning from an ICT company into a Digital Transformation (DX) enterprise. We will then be ideally positioned to support the long-term growth of our customers and society by applying digital technologies to create innovations that will help resolve a host of issues.

The essential philosophy is to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Looking toward 2030, the SDGs represent an important initiative for the sustainable development of human society, and Fujitsu is also positioning the goals at the center of its management approach. This global framework – built on our business activities, which are underpinned by the FUJITSU Way corporate philosophy – is nothing less than a reflection of the trust and creativity we have cultivated over many years with our customers and the fulfillment of our ongoing responsibilities as a global enterprise.

One step on this path is the integration of our Global Responsible Business (GRB) management structure to unify the sustainability activities and policies of the various Fujitsu Group regions around the world. Fujitsu will now work with a single focus to tackle a range of challenges, including non-financial issues such as reducing environmental impacts, promoting respect for human rights and the cause of diversity & inclusion, and boosting the deployment of responsible delivery systems. We will specify key performance indicators (KPIs) for each GRB category and will share with stakeholders our plans for achieving these KPIs.

A decade ago, Fujitsu announced its support of the United Nations Global Compact, which consists of 10 principles in four areas: human rights, labor standards, the environment, and anti-corruption. I am committed to further reinforcing our corporate culture of zero tolerance, which does not tolerate any wrongdoing, as we make every effort to minimize negative impacts on people and on society as a whole.

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