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Connected assets - delivering smarter supply chain solutions

Today within energy and utilities, supply chains are becoming increasingly complicated by a rising number of customers who are leveraging solar, wind and battery technologies to generate their own power and sell the surplus back to the grid. With customers now becoming suppliers, a 360-degree view of the supply chain infrastructure, systems and people is more crucial than ever.

Harnessing physical and digital assets to drive value and place customers at the heart of business is a challenge, but by implementing the right digitalization and automation technologies you can gain enterprise-wide visibility across your whole supply chain to:

  • better align costs with revenue
  • remain relevant with digitally enabled consumers
  • control inventory and improve spares efficiency
  • better identify faults and improve repair times
  • better predict or respond to events
  • exchange information across organizational boundaries
  • deliver on regulatory requirements

Through the adoption of the latest wearable mobile devices, industrial IoT solutions, and RFID technology, you can become a truly connected business and change the way your organization works to reduce operational expense, increase productivity, increase business efficiency and improve worker safety.

Fujitsu Industrial IoT

With our industrial IoT capabilities, any sensor-equipped device can provide valuable insight as to its state, condition and location making asset management an easy matter. Time spent dealing with out of commission assets is reduced freeing your workers to focus on service delivery and improving customer outcomes.

At Fujitsu, we have experience delivering all levels of an IoT solution including; connectivity, physical devices and controllers, Edge computing, data accumulation and abstraction application, security, collaboration and processes. Our modular IoT solutions include Track & Trace, Virtual Edge Digital Signage, video analytics, and IoT Automation Suite - you just select and pay for the services you need.

Fujitsu GlobeRanger and RFID

With our GlobeRanger suite of solutions we enable IoT, our offering includes:

  • GR-AWARE- intelligent asset management
  • GR-LIVE - logistics and inventory management
  • iMotion - connecting IoT to enterprise software systems

Our suite of tools, mobile solutions and sensor devices can enable your workforce to become truly connected. With instant access to real-time data when, where and how they need it your workforce can be more effective and make faster more accurate decisions.

Fujitsu Big data analytics and AI

With the rise of connectivity and the implementation of IoT, huge volumes of data are being generated and collected. With our expertise in data analytics and AI, we can help you to develop an effective strategy and implement tools to unlock insight from your data and gain a better understand your customers’ behavior. Through analysis you can identify patterns and detect anomalies in mountains of digital data, enabling you to revolutionize your service delivery.

Fujitsu smart asset management - predictive and preventive maintenance

Our connected solutions for smart asset management enable maintenance to shift from a break/fix approach to one that’s proactive and preventative. You are empowered to anticipate disruptions and make immediate adjustments as conditions change. With breakdowns predicted and prevented before they occur, your workers are freed to move away from reactive problem solving and focus on service delivery and customer outcomes.

Why choose Fujitsu as your digital supply chain solutions partner?

At Fujitsu, we have experience of working with energy and utilities companies around the globe. We understand the importance of supply chain visibility and efficiency for service providers, and work with you to co-create a solution for enterprise-wide supply chain transparency. We assess the state of your current supply chain, help you to establish a vision for your future supply chain, and work with you to develop a transformation roadmap.

We have experience across all technology platforms including passive and active RFID, fixed and mobile reader technologies, and extended IoT sensors and devices. Our solutions offer:

  • Smart inventory management to supplement current inventory management systems.
  • Data automation to remove manual errors from processes.
  • Tool Management to reduce labor costs searching for lost assets.
  • Real-time Work in Process (WIP) alerts to solve problems before they occur.
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