Contributing to the Fulfillment of the SDGs through ICT Services

Our Approach

The Fujitsu Group lists “contributing to the fulfillment of the SDGs through ICT services” as one of the targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX). In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations. Taking the clear articulation of the SDGs as international goals as an opportunity, our objective is to contribute more than ever to the sustainability of our customers and society.

In order to make a sustainable society a reality, not only do we need to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we also need to address various social and environmental issues, such as conservation of resources, preservation of biodiversity, stabilization of food supplies, urbanization measures, and disaster prevention. Information and communication technology (ICT), which brings about improvements such as optimization, efficiency, and automation in a wide range of fields, has the potential to significantly contribute to solving societal and environmental problems. We aim to make contributions to the SDGs on a global scale, together with our customers, by offering our ICT services.

FY2020 Performance

Targets Under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX)Last fiscal year (FY2020 result)
Contributing to the fulfillment of SDGs through ICT services39 items


In FY2020, we carried out the following activities as measures to achieve our goals.

  • Incorporated elements of the SDGs into various promotions and publicized them
  • Held SDG seminars, training programs, and workshops

The key point is to link our corporate purpose with our contribution to the SDGs, while also highlighting internally and externally the importance of striving for sustainable management and of overcoming societal challenges through our business operations.

  1. Internal-focused activities
    • Online learning material to enhance understanding of SDGs among employees
    • Activities to boost awareness among executives and in group companies (such as by holding workshops)
  2. External-focused activities
    • Senior management conveying important messages (such as at the Nikkei SDGs Festival)
    • Approaches to executives in customer organizations (such as via presentations)
    • Dissemination of information through materials and events

Examples of Initiatives in FY 2020

Online Learning Material to Enhance Understanding of SDGs among Employees

Fujitsu conducts a range of activities designed to enhance understanding of the SDGs among all employees, thereby encouraging the promotion of business designed to overcome challenges in society.
We released a video, on the internal Fujitsu Learning EXperience on-demand learning platform, that describes the relationship between our corporate purpose and the SDGs. The aim is for each employee to fully appreciate societal challenges and how they are linked to their own day-to-day work, so that the SDGs can be leveraged as an inspiration for co-creation to generate greater value for customers.

Senior Management Conveying Important Messages

At Fujitsu, representatives of senior management are actively involved in messaging related to contributing to the attainment of the SDGs. For example, Fujitsu’s CEO gave a presentation titled “Toward the Creation of a Resilient and Sustainable Society”. This was part of the program titled “Promoting the SDGs with the Power of Digital Technology: Creating the Future with DX Innovation” at the Nikkei SDGs Festival, sponsored by Nikkei, Inc. and Nikkei Business Publications. The presentation covered the role Fujitsu should play in society and the potential for technology to help attain the SDGs, while also highlighting case studies of some recent initiatives.

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