Contributing to the Fulfillment of the SDGs through ICT Services

Our Approach

The Fujitsu Group touts “contributing to the fulfillment of the SDGs through ICT services” as one of the targets under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX). In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (hereafter, the SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations. Taking the clear articulation of the SDGs as international goals as an opportunity, our objective is to contribute more than ever to the sustainability of our customers and society.

In order to make a sustainable society a reality, not only do we need to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, we also need to address various social and environmental issues, such as conservation of resources, preservation of biodiversity, stabilization of food supplies, urbanization measures, and disaster prevention. Information and communication technology (ICT), which brings about improvements such as optimization, efficiency, and automation in a wide range of fields, has the potential to significantly contribute to solving societal and environmental problems. We aim to make contributions to the SDGs on a global scale, together with our customers, by offering our ICT services.

FY2019 Performance

Targets Under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage IX)FY 2019 Results
Contributing to the fulfillment of SDGs through ICT services55 items


In FY 2019, we carried out the following activities as measures to achieve our goals.

  • Incorporated elements of the SDGs into various promotions and publicized them
  • Held SDGs seminars and conducted workshops across the company, as well as for target business units
  • Conducted workshops on business approaches with the SDGs as the starting point, etc.

Improvements are as follows.

  1. Human resources measures (internal activities)
    • Number of lectures and workshops: 28
    • Shifted activities from “learning about the SDGs” to “raising awareness of the SDGs as a starting point for thinking about business”
      -Made conscious efforts to hold study sessions and lectures involving top-level personnel from the standpoint of increasing the ripple effects and effectiveness of these activities
      -In addition to holding lectures for promoting understanding of the SDGs, conducted workshops that would lead to the discovery of business opportunities
  2. Business promotion measures (activities targeted towards outside parties)
    • Number of lectures and events: 27
    • Promoted our initiatives and supported customer communication by actively disseminating information
      ‐Disseminated information through media about how we perceive the SDGs, as well as our attitude and approach to the SDGs, in the FT&SV and the Integrated Report
      -Disseminated information about our initiatives by taking part in Fujitsu-sponsored events such as the Fujitsu Forum, as well as the World Economic Forum, the WBCSD, and events sponsored by other organizations

Examples of Initiatives in FY 2019

Holding Workshops

As part of promoting businesses that address societal issues, Fujitsu develops programs that aim to help employees understand the linkages between the SDGs and the services and solutions they are engaged in. This encourages the employees to incorporate an awareness of the SDGs into their work as they devise proposals and undertake activities. Specifically, this involves attending workshops where logic models are used to represent the economic, environmental and societal impacts of business activities and to rationalize the selling points of services based on the factors required to achieve the SDGs. These activities help participants to fully embrace the ideas that underpin business ventures designed to address societal issues.

Workshop in progress
Workshop in progress

Workshop in progress

Disseminating Information Through Media and Events

Fujitsu disseminates information through various media and events, including those by other organizations.

For example, at the Sustainable Brands 2020 Yokohama event, Fujitsu employees took the stage to explain Fujitsu’s SDGs initiatives through talks based on the themes of “what companies need for sustainability” and “initiatives for preventing and mitigating disasters which use the latest in ICT.”

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