Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Upstream Portion of the Supply Chain


Our Approach

In addition to reducing our own emissions, the Fujitsu Group has also been requesting, as part of green procurement, that its suppliers engage in activities to reduce their own CO2 emissions in order to help contain global warming. As a result, all of our primary suppliers have undertaken efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions.
Starting in FY 2016, we have also been expanding these efforts further upstream in the supply chain by requesting that our suppliers include their own suppliers (secondary suppliers from the perspective of the Fujitsu Group) in these activities.
We have participated in the CDP Supply Chain program since FY 2018, in parallel with the above-mentioned activities. Based on our international environmental research activities, we are taking a more in-depth look at the activities of our primary suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve water resources, and considering the issues and our policies.
Moreover, as a new initiative, we are asking our main suppliers to establish a CO2 reduction target based on the international standard of Science Based Targets (SBT). Starting in FY 2022, we have also expanded the target suppliers for CO2 emissions reduction to include those in the services industry in addition to the existing category of parts manufacturing as we strive to further reduce global warming.
The Group hosts seminars on setting reduction targets based on SBT. In FY 2022, about 90% of target suppliers attended the seminar.
In addition, we also host webinars on how to set targets and share FAQ. We support our suppliers’ CO2 reduction efforts through the provision of a simple tool for suppliers to visualize CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) of their own company and determine the appropriateness of their SBT.
We expect that having the supply chain as a whole work toward reducing emissions can produce even greater reduction effects (synergies), while also expanding the network of these activities through the supply chain to cover an even wider area spreading beyond national boundaries. Through efforts such as these, the Fujitsu Group hopes to help create a carbon-free society for the future and a sustainable water environment.

FY 2022 Performance

Targets Under the Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan (Stage X)FY2022 result
Reduction of CO2 Emissions: Drive Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Supply ChainRequested that secondary suppliers (over 61,000 companies) engaged in activities to reduce emissions through primary suppliers of the Fujitsu Group (676 companies)

Reduction of CO2 Emissions: Requesting and Supporting the Expansion of Activities to Secondary Suppliers

The Fujitsu Group has requested that its primary suppliers, who account for the top 80% of the Group's procurement, to engage in activities to reduce their CO2 emissions, and to expand these efforts to also include their own suppliers (the Fujitsu Group's secondary suppliers). We also conducted our own environmental survey to ascertain the status of activities by these suppliers. We then provided suppliers who responded to the survey with feedback in the form of a report that analyzed survey responses as a reference for their future activities, and we also requested that they further promote these activities and expand them to include their own suppliers.
As of the end of FY 2022, 24.2% (150 suppliers) responded that they had requested their own suppliers to engage in emissions reduction activities. Over 61,000 secondary suppliers have been asked to engage in emissions reduction activities, and this should substantially impact awareness.

Status of primary suppliers' request that secondary suppliers engage in activities to reduce their CO<sub>2</sub> emissions

Offering Guidelines for Activities for Reducing CO2 Emissions

The Fujitsu Group created original explanatory materials to facilitate the spread of activities for reducing CO2 emissions throughout the entire supply chain, and since the end of November 2017, we have made the materials available on the company website and we have provided them to suppliers. The purpose of these materials was not only to give suppliers a greater understanding of the importance of these activities taking place in the supply chain, but also to serve as something they could use to request and assist such activities amongst their own suppliers. To fulfill our responsibilities as a global enterprise, the Fujitsu Group will continue to think about what must be done to contain global warming and will continue to take action.

"Guideline for activities for reducing CO2 emissions" can be downloaded from the following sites.

Information materials for business partners

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