Data Driven ManagementIntegrate data for better decision-making in uncertain times

Fujitsu is helping to transform businesses, industries, and society by combining vast amounts of data to create new insights.

The rate of change in the world is increasing. The way businesses make decisions must digitally shift.

Disruptive competition, drastic work-life changes, and new requirements for sustainability and traceability are among the key drivers for faster and far more complex decision-making. We believe in a data-driven approach.

Being truly data-driven is challenging, and accessing the right data is crucial; however, data is often siloed, spread out, detached, disorganized, fragmented, or even undiscovered. Extracting insights from data is time-consuming and often a manual process. Delivering real world data-driven business results has seemed out of reach. Still, without question, data is too valuable to neglect.

Data Driven: how we apply data to
decision-making processes

Fujitsu uncovers previously untapped data, integrates disjointed data from systems across organizations, analyzes it in conjunction with vast amounts of external data, and creates a holistic 360-degree view. The insights gained enable strategic, fact-based decision-making to build stronger businesses.

Fujitsu: your partner on the
data-driven journey

Fujitsu provides an end-to-end view, with the technical and business experience, the research & development credentials and the industry breadth required of a trusted partner. We employ the latest technologies, including data analytics, blockchain, and computer vision, to deliver more value from your data.

Fujitsu Data Driven solutions are delivering dramatic increases in business agility and speed, greater trust in decisions, and process optimization for higher levels of productivity and profitability.

Fujitsu’s Approach to Data Driven Management

Find new connections and insight to extract greater value from your data and empower rapid, fact-based decision-making.

Connect Data

Links between data are quickly and accurately established, and the complex logic behind the data is extracted

Grow Experience Data

The rapid implementation of use cases delivers experience along new paths that in turn becomes additional raw data

Fujitsu's Approach to Data Driven Management

Give Value to Data

Bringing organization to data in a rigorous and hierarchical way delivers previously hidden insights

Deliver a New Experience

Insights fuel hypotheses for new business, offerings and customers.
Hypotheses are tested to develop new use cases

Latest Insights

Data Driven Across Business

Fujitsu DX solutions to enable Data Driven Management, gain competitive advantage and deliver sustainable growth.

FUJITSU Track and Trust (Blockchain and DLT)

With a vast array of goods and information traded across organizations, industries, and countries, security and safety in each stakeholder connection is vital. In global supply chains, the risks and uncertainty are increasing, making highly reliable traceability a requirement not only for traders but also for related parties such as logistics and insurance providers. In addition to traceability, across all industries, operational efficiency, cost reduction, sustainability, and increasingly stringent compliance requirements demand a data driven approach.

By connecting data from various stakeholders, Fujitsu provides transparent and efficient insight into when, where, and how transactions are conducted, enabling traceability that brings peace of mind and trust to transactions.

FUJITSU Computer Vision

Visual data has become ubiquitous, but the complete value it contains has been beyond the reach of most businesses. Computer vision provides efficient access to visual data in order to return increased revenues, reduced overheads and scalable operations in manufacturing, retail, public sector, security and healthcare.

Fujitsu leverages your existing infrastructure or works together with you and industry partners on new approaches to provide benefits including visualization of assets, preventative maintenance of equipment and infrastructure, increased product quality, avoidance of industrial hazards, improved accuracy of complex yet mundane tasks, enhanced customer experience, reduced losses due to theft, and increased public safety.

FUJITSU Data Intelligence

Decision-making is based on complex and disparate information that often takes considerable time to collate and analyze. Combine this with the efficiency challenges caused by repetitive, time consuming, low-added value tasks and the operational risk of human error, and the impact to business is clear.

Deriving intelligent insights from data must be a fast and approachable process for business users to ensure the desired outcome: timely and accurate decision-making. The Sholark Framework from the FUJITSU Data Intelligence Solution Center deploys AI to intelligently automate repetitive processes, using data analytics and visualization, to create high value insights that reduce decision making uncertainty.

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