Global Warming Prevention


Trends in greenhouse gas emissions at business sites

Total GHG emissions10 ktons-CO280.265.860.054.0
 CO2emissions (*1)10 ktons-CO279.565.359.853.8
Emissions other CO2 (*2)10 ktons-CO20.
  • (*1)
    CO2 emissions:The CO2 conversion factor for purchased electricity in the Environmental Action Plan results report is calculated as 0.461 ton-CO2/MWh in FY 2019, 0.444 ton-CO2/MWh in FY 2020, 0.441 ton-CO2/MWh in FY 2021 and 0.436 ton-CO2/MWh in FY 2022.
  • (*2)
    Emissions other CO2:These are converted to equivalent amounts of CO2 using the global warning potential (GWP) of each gas.

Trends in Energy Usage

Energy usage for manufacturing (total)PJ6.895.885.575.09
Energy usage for distributionPJ0.950.771.030.63
Usage of renewable energyGWh125*126242320
Ratio of renewable energy to total electricity consumption%8.4*10.120.730.0
Energy used in data centersGWh498493425389

*From FY 2019, the calculation method was revised

Trend in CO2 emission from Transportation

CO2 emission from Transportationktons-CO264537144

GHG Emissions Report Based on GHG Protocol

Upstream (Scope3)
Purchased goods and services1,551 (*6)1,192 (*6)1,304 (*6)1,361
Capital goods9151311
Fuel and energy-related activities not included in Scopes 1 and 2133999485
Transportation and distribution (Upstream)64537144
Waste generated in operations0444
Business travel155272348
Employee commuting52565
Leased assets (Upstream)115886472
Reporting company (Scope 1,2)
Direct emissions (Scope 1)87757065
Indirect emissions from energy sources (Scope 2)715 (*3)
663 (*4)
583 (*3)
540 (*4)
530 (*3)
476 (*3)
341 (*4)
Downstream (Scope 3)
Transportation and distribution (Downstream)0000
Processing of sold products14121616
Use of sold products3,7913,8995,588 (*6)3,693
End-of-life treatment of sold products219 (*6)5
Leased assets (Downstream)N/A(*5)N/AN/AN/A
Scope3 total [ktons-CO2]5,8865,3957,1625,371
  • (*3)
  • (*4)
  • (*5)
    N/A : Not Applicable
  • (*6)
    In line with the improvement in the accuracy of data collection, we have retroactively adjusted the figures.
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