ISO 14001 Certification Acquisition Results


Fujitsu Group Acquires Integrated ISO 14001 Certification

On March 23, 2006, Fujitsu received worldwide integrated ISO 14001 certification continue improvement, and update the acquires with Japan group-wide integrated one from the Japan Audit and Certification by overseas group Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO) on March 23, 2021 and each certification by overseas group companies.

  • Scope of Certification: Design, Development, Manufacture and Sales of Telecommunication System, Information Processing System and Electronic Device, and Provision of ICT Services
  • Certified Organization: Fujitsu Limited
  • Certification Renewal Date: March 23, 2024
  • Certification Expiration Date: March 22, 2027
  • Certification Organization: Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)
  • Certificate No.: EC98J2005

Some Fujitsu Activities with Integrated Certification

  • Strengthening environmental risk responsiveness in the supply-chain platform
  • Strengthening Group-wide governance
  • Setting environmental targets for our main operations
  • Providing e-learning programs for all Group employees
  • Carrying out independent internal audits by the Corporate Internal Audit Unit Independent internal audits conducted by the Corporate Internal Audit Office
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