Case Studies, Initiatives in Environmental Management

Operations Utilizing ICT

The Fujitsu Group actively utilizes its own ICT-driven environmental management tools to visualize and boost the efficiency of its environmental management.

EMS Operations Using ICT

The Fujitsu Group employs its own ICT-driven environmental management tools. Examples include the Global Environment Database System (Ecotrack) which can centrally manage aspects such as planning, performance, and policy information, at business sites scattered throughout the world, and the ISO 14001 Green Management System (GMS) which centrally manages compliance and risk management status to support EMS operations. These tools are employed to visualize environmental management and make it more efficient.

Additionally, the communication infrastructure of all companies in the Fujitsu Group is used for EMS operations. For example, we try to conduct smart communication in our EMS operations, through activities such as using remote video conferencing systems to conduct EMS briefings.

Using the Global Environment Database System

The Global Environment Database System (Ecotrack) is used to gather information about the environmental footprint (performance) of Fujitsu Group companies and business sites and centrally manage aspects such as planning, performance, and policy information.

Global Enviroment Database System

Using the ISO 14001 Green Management System

The ISO 14001 Green Management System (GMS) is used to exercise unified control over the operational status of the EMS with regard to improvements in and conformance issues relating to findings from internal audits, communications activities, direct and indirect effects identified in environmental impact assessments, and the setting of environmental management objectives and targets.

GMS enables corrective measures and objectives to be certainly managed, and effectively ensures continual improvement of the activities with reduced risks.

ISO 14001 Green Management System

Implementing Environmental Audits

Internal Audit Implementation and Results

The Fujitsu Group conducts internal audits, a requirement of ISO 14001. To ensure the objectivity and independence of internal audits, the Internal Control and Audit Office takes the lead, allocating internal auditors who belong to Fujitsu or Fujitsu Group companies and carries them out.

In FY 2019, we carried out internal audits of 188 Japanese and 11 overseas business sites, including the factories and offices of Fujitsu and Group companies. When conducting the audits, we scrutinized the results of FY 2018 internal and external audits. The three points emphasized were (1) compliance, (2) operational control, and (3) resources for achieving goals.

There were 30 total findings (both Japan and overseas) of which 23% were related to ISO14001 2015, in addition to other findings such as methods for managing chemical substances and industrial waste. We are receiving cooperation from external experts thoroughly knowledgeable in regulations and operations, and as a result of carrying out internal audits with the aim of improving compliance, the number of findings has been decreasing each year.

External Audits and Results

To maintain our ISO 14001 certification, we are carrying out external audits by a certifying body. In FY 2019, we were audited in Japan by the Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO). Outside Japan, we were audited by DNV GL Business Assurance Japan K.K.

As a result, there were 36 opportunities for improvement in Japan, and 14 overseas. There were two findings in Japan and four findings overseas, and the corrective actions have been taken. Those were shared throughout the Group in order to help efforts to prevent recurrences.

Number of Findings by Audits

 FY 2017FY 2018FY 2019
Number of findings by internal audits12210230
Number of findings by external audits836
Number of opportunities for improvement12611350

Compliance with Environmental Laws

There were no major legal or regulatory violations or accidents with major impact on the environment in the Fujitsu Group during FY 2019.

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