Programming Systems

Highest quality programming systems form the foundation for the efficient running of advanced business-critical applications on BS2000 systems

Applications for BS2000 or their component parts are implemented using both modern and classical programming languages. Java is particularly popular for web-based applications. Traditional languages, such as COBOL or C/C++, tend to be used more when expanding upon existing applications.

The state-of-the-art development environment
Fujitsu provides powerful, all-inclusive tools for programming BS2000 applications. The development workstation is generally a Windows platform. Products available on the international market are integrated into this environment, providing support through all stages of the implementation phase and work hand-in-hand with BS2000 systems.
All this is aimed at optimizing the execution of applications in BS2000 and integrating them into the overall system environment, e.g. by linking them to the transaction monitor or databases.