FUJITSU Software BS2000 CRTE

Common run-time environment required for running source programs compiled with the C/C++, COBOL2000 and COBOL85 compilers

Current versions: 10.1, 11.1 and 21.0 (for OS DX V1.0)

FUJITSU Software BS2000 CRTE (Common Run-Time Environment) is a prerequisite software product for running source programs compiled with the COBOL2000, COBOL85 and C/C++ compilers. CRTE acts as the central interface between the objects generated by the compilers and the BS2000 OSD/BC operating system.

CRTE includes language-specific and language-neutral libraries, routines for program linkage, mathematics, standardized event and exception handling, as well as storage and I/O management. The header files of the C and C++ library functions are also part of CRTE.

New in V11.0:
Creation and Modification of SAM-Node-Files as text files is possible. Before creating a SAM-Node-File a corresponding FILE-Command must be given.

CRTE V21.0 is the version for the new operating system FUJITSU Software BS2000 OS DX V1.0

The benefits of CRTE are:

  • The applications linked with CRTE are audit-proof, since the associated runtime modules are uniquely identifiable by their version numbers. 
  • Except for a few routines, the entire CRTE is shareable and preloadable, resulting in reduced paging and load times. 
  • The generated /390 format guarantees object compatibility for running BS2000 OSD/BC customer applications even in the event of future architecture changes. 
  • A version control mechanism ensures that the associated runtime routines are always linked in.