FUJITSU Software BS2000 COBOL2000®

Most commonly used programming language with a sophisticated modern COBOL compiler with support for object-oriented programming.

Current version: V1.6

With FUJITSU Software BS2000 COBOL2000®, Fujitsu is extending its proven product portfolio for COBOL by introducing an innovative compiler that makes the main functions of the COBOL2002 standard available. COBOL2000 therefore continues to be a catalyst for the introduction of object-oriented programming techniques into BS2000 COBOL applications.

Investment protection for your individual applications

COBOL is used to develop professional software applications on the basis of secure transactions for ERP business processes. These applications are mostly tailor-made for customers whose requirements cannot be met by standard software. The main purpose of these applications with their customer-specific application logic is to secure competitive advantage. They represent long-term investment and customer know-how. Such cost-intensive developments need to be protected. .

The benefits are:

  • With the COBOL2000 compiler, the conformance check on call interfaces at compilation time using Repository is carried out not only for the OO language elements but also for subroutine calls.
  • COBOL2000 supports the POSIX and XPG4 programming interfaces.
  • Existing COBOL85 programs can still be run and usually can continue to be used without modification.
  • The generated /390 format guarantees binary compatibility for running BS2000 customer applications even following future changes in architecture.
  • COBOL2000 supports the data type NATIONAL in order to display characters in the character set Unicode UTF-16.

Software requirements:

  • FUJITSU Software BS2000 CRTE is requirement for use of the COBOL2000 compiler and for running COBOL2000 applications.