Data & Storage: Key value for your IT

ETERNUS NU200: The New and Unique

Imagine a world where your data is stored, where you want to have it, it is easy to scale and organize, it is protected and can be improved anytime. And now imagine that this can be done by one solution.

Welcome to the world of performance, simplicity, cost-efficiency, scalability, data protection and container orchestration.

Fujitsu’s New and Unique Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS NU200 will redefine the data center future of organizations.

ETERNUS NU200 is the one storage stack that covers all your requirements. Join the world full of flexibility, efficiency, and speed, making it a preferred choice for many data-intensive operations. ETERNUS NU200 is the best choice for applications where data organization, performance and ease of access are paramount.

Our brand new ETERNUS NU200 is available with all consumption-based advantages of uSCALE. We at Fujitsu make your data-driven journey as simple as it is cost effective and targeted to your needs.

Data storage systems and solutions that grow with your business

Data is king, and with the massive volumes of data captured by organizations every day, monetizing and deriving value from this data is now a key factor in business success. Data fuels business, and no matter what industry you’re in, data-centricity is essential to navigating the data jungle.

Businesses are only as successful as the data they capture, and your organization’s ability to collect, store, manage and integrate this data into your enterprise operations will dictate your ability to transform this data into money. However, while data provides new avenues for revenue generation, without the right foundation in place leveraging opportunities will be a challenge.

Data availability and manageability are the overriding factors dictating data value, but with data existing in different formats and widely dispersed across user devices - the Cloud, customers, partners, suppliers, documentation archives as well as the data center, you’ll need an optimal data storage solution that will support your requirements, connect the information and reduce the chaos.

A flexible and efficient foundation is a necessity to adapt to growing needs:

Large data volumes

Large data volumes require faster storage response

Business-critical data

Business-critical data needs scalable data storage systems with stronger fault tolerance

Backup and archiving

Backup and archiving needs greater scalability

Fujitsu data storage systems - delivering the right solution for every purpose

Fujitsu is a world-leading data management and data protection solutions provider. Working closely with you, we tailor a solution perfectly aligned to your business and operational needs. Combining ETERNUS storage systems with our portfolio of comprehensive services and leading partner technologies, we deliver optimal data storage solutions that deliver the right data service levels and reduce costs.

Primary storage systems

Looking ahead, digital business growth, digital business continuity and digital business efficiency will have an enormous impact on data storage environments. Overcome the data challenges with the Fujitsu ETERNUS Primary Storage portfolio which offers the right data storage solution for every purpose.

Data protection solutions

Data volumes continue to grow at pace, and wherever data is created and stored - at the edge, in the Cloud or in the data center - it must be kept accessible, accurate, complete, timely and cost-effective – which is a challenge. Fujitsu data protection solutions enable rigorous consolidation of backup infrastructures and make it easy to balance backup and archiving speed, capacity and cost.

As a world-leader in end-to-end data protection solutions and services, we partner with leading software vendors to provide data protection that addresses comprehensive data challenges.


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