FUJITSU Software BS2000 AID

Powerful debugging system for increasing productivity in the software development and maintenance phase.

Current versions: 3.4, 3.5

FUJITSU Software BS2000 AID (Advanced Interactive Debugger) is a powerful debugging system for program monitoring, error diagnosis and temporary correction of program errors for any BS2000 program. It promotes the increase of productivity in the software development and maintenance phase.

AID is a test and diagnostic tool for debugging application programs at source language level (high-level language debugger). But it can also be used for debugging any BS2000 program at machine code level. AID allows the different levels (source code symbols and machine code) to be mixed when memory references are defined, thus creating transitions from symbolic debugging to debugging at machine code level and vice versa.

The benefits of AID are:

  • AID supports symbolic debugging of COBOL, FORTRAN, C/C++, C, Assembler and PL/1 programs, and non-symbolic debugging of any BS2000 program at machine code level. 
  • AID permits simultaneous and uniform processing of programs and dump files in the virtual address space of the user's own task. 
  • AID can be used immediately (no recompilation, relinking or reloading required when switching between test and production mode). 
  • AID is equally suitable for use in debugging and in a production environment. AID does not cause any degradation in the performance of the test object in production mode. 
  • AID saves on training costs and offers a short learning curve since it supports many languages with the same functionality. 
  • AID permits complete and consistent debugging of multi-language program systems. 
  • AID allows access to program objects (data objects or code objects) by using the user-defined source program names. 
  • AID permits dynamic monitoring of program or data states. 
  • AID symbolic information does not require any address space in production mode, as it can be loaded when needed on a module-specific basis when the switch is made to test mode. 
  • From V3.2 on AID supplies the Unicode data type NATIONAL realized with COBOL2000 V1.4.