FUJITSU Software BS2000 Pascal-XT

BS2000 variant from the Pascal-XT compiler family, enabling program source code to be compiled on all supported systems.

Current version: V2.2

FUJITSU Software BS2000 Pascal-XT is the BS2000 variant of the Pascal-XT compiler family. Thanks to the front-end common to all the compilers of this family, Pascal-XT program sources can be compiled on all computers supported.

The most significant characteristics of Pascal are:

  • simple and systematic block-oriented structure
  • clear control structures
  • extensive data concept with user-defined, structured and dynamic data types
  • ease of learning
  • support of software engineering
  • high runtime efficiency

In addition, by means of suitable language elements and a high-performance programming system, Pascal-XT supports the efficient development of extensive software products with a long service life. It also has an integrated debugging aid. The Pascal-XT programming system provides the user with a convenient environment for developing, compiling and testing programs interactively, without leaving the programming system.

Pascal-XT meets the requirements for Level 1 of the Pascal standards ISO 7185: 1983 and DIN 66256-1983.