Fujitsu Software BS2000

Build the business solution you need from our comprehensive offering – Fujitsu is with you all of the way.

Dynamic Infrastructures
Dynamic Infrastructures is Fujitsus strategy to deliver a comprehensive offering, which enables our customers to retain their agility and their business advantage. This requires mature virtualization, automation and integration technologies that have been used in BS2000 mainframes for many years and will be evolved permanently. The tried-and-trusted mainframe features – unrivaled fault tolerance, outstanding security concepts, exceptional scalability and excellent manageability – are more important than ever. They are the basis for the low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for which the BS2000 system is renowned.

Performance and reliability
With its comprehensive services and functions, the BS2000 software optimally supports existing and new IT infrastructures. With its open interfaces the operating system BS2000 offers future-proof integration into modern application architectures. This includes open standard interfaces, a unified system technology and adaptable open integration software. The comprehensive scalability of the BS2000 platforms up to the highest performance ranges ensures that it is possible to react flexibly to increasing demands on overall system performance.


BS2000 Software