FUJITSU Software BS2000 PL/1

Optimizing compiler suitable for commercial as well as technical/scientific applications.

Current version: V4.2

FUJITSU Software BS2000 PL/1 is a problem-oriented, general-purpose programming language suitable for both commercial and technical/scientific applications. The language scope of the PL/1 compiler largely conforms to ISO Standard 6160 of November 1978 and the identical ANSI Standard published in 1976 as well as DIN Standard 66255 of May 1980.

The PL/1 compiler has significant optimization characteristics. PL/1 makes it possible to use the compiler in the shareable mode and to generate shareable object programs. The PL/1 compiler can generate objects which are executable in XS addressing mode. When objects are generated in XS addressing mode, object code and data can be stored in the expanded address space.

Interactive symbolic debugging is possible with the help of the AID (Advanced Interactive Debugger). PL/1 object modules created by the compiler must be converted to executable load modules by being linked to the runtime system PL/1-LZS.