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A Feast for your eyes

The FUJITSU Displays are an ideal balance between ergonomics and productivity. FUJITSU Displays are designed keeping in mind usability, reliability and user comfort and are suitable for all environments in small-, medium- and large-sized enterprises. FUJITSU Displays have cutting edge performance combined with efficient and environmental-friendly features and wide range of connectivity options for the workplace of the future.

Immersive experience

The FUJITSU B34-9 UE is a 21:9 Curved Display with a 3440 x 1440, ultrawide Quad HD (UWQHD) resolution and a thin bezel housing. The B34-9 UE Display has enough screen real estate delivering an uninterrupted and unparalled viewing experience. The monitor has a 1900R curvature that provides a uniform focal view, a 4-in-1 stand, integrated speakers and a range of connectivity options ideal for medium- and large-sized businesses.

Clean Desk

FUJITSU Displays are optimized for a Clean Desk approach for organizations that want to create a workplace of the future. The FUJITSU Clean Desk offering incorporates the best of breed display monitors, FUJITSU Client Computing devices and components from its partners to create a customizable digital office delivering an enhanced ergonomic and highly productive experience for the millennial workforce.


Shared Desk

FUJITSU B- and P-line displays* are optimized for multi-monitor use with their thin bezel design, daisy chain support and USB type-C interfaces. Using them along with FUJITSU Client Computing Devices can make your workplace highly flexible, clutter free and ideal for the workplace of the future scenario.


*Available in Select models only


Ergonomics is a core feature of all FUJITSU Display monitors since it directly impacts user productivity. Our displays have height adjustment for different user heights, tilt, swivel, rotation to portrait mode and cable guides to prevent clutter and promote a clean desk workspace.

FUJITSU Display accessories that also promote ergonomics include Dual Monitor stand, and Universal Monitor stand. The FUJITSU Dual Monitor Stand in particular can accommodate displays from 21.5 inches to 27 inches enabling users to extend their workspace with ease.



FUJITSU P-line Display* monitors can be easily be converted to an AiO-type usage with the latest FUJITSU G558 Mini PC offering. End users can power the PC system on and off via the Display and can also transmit power and data through one single cable resulting in a clean and clutter-free workspace that is easy to manage.


*Available in Select models only

Not a part of product. Sold separately


FUJITSU P-line Display monitors can automatically detect user presence and lock their workspace making them ideal for public areas and offices where security at every stage is paramount.

Presence detection* also serves the dual purpose of conserving energy since the backlight gets turned off till the user returns back to their workspace.

*Available in Select models only



Difference in Display lighting and ambient lighting conditions can cause eye strain and greatly impact user productivity in the long run. FUJITSU Display monitors have come up with a unique solution for this scenario

All FUJITSU P-line Displays have an Auto Brightness Control (ABC) feature. Once activated the ABC sensor measures ambient lighting condition and adjusts display brightness accordingly.


FUJITSU XL55-1 TOUCH Display monitor is designed for Future Workplace scenarios with a special emphasis on enhancing collaboration. The XL-55 TOUCH Display has a 10 point touch screen, an antiglare screen for durability providing a consistent viewing experience. The monitor is compatible with ESPRIMO* Q-series Meeting Room Edition (MRE) Mini PC for connecting wirelessly to any meetings irrespective of location.

*Not a part of the product. Sold separately.

Superior | FUJITSU P-line Displays

P-Line Displays are ideal for Medium- and Large-Enterprises with a special emphasis on Performance, Ergonomics and Security

Advanced | FUJITSU B-line Displays

B-Line Displays are ideal for medium- and large-sized businesses with a special emphasis on Ergonomics and 24/7 use.

All-round | FUJITSU E-line Displays

E-Line Displays are ideal for home and office environments designed for energy savings and economy.

Collaboration Solutions

Enhance collaboration in your Meeting rooms and workspaces

Display Accessories

Fujitsu delivers a comprehensive range of intuitive and useful accessories to increase user satisfaction and productivity.



Human Centric

Human Centric





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