FUJITSU Software BS2000 COBOL85

Programming language for commercial data processing applications

Current version: V2.3

FUJITSU Software BS2000 COBOL85 is the COBOL compiler, providing support for the current ANSI/ISO COBOL Standard, open interfaces conforming to X/Open and future standards for the server lines running BS2000 OSD/BC. COBOL85 supports the POSIX functionality and the POSIX file system.

The functionality of COBOL85 conforms to the American National Standard X3.23-1985 with Addendum X3.23a-1989, the international standard ISO 1989-1985 with Amendment 1:1992, the German standard DIN 66028-1986 and the European standard EN 21989. COBOL85 has been validated as compliant with the above standard and has the official conformity certificates to confirm this.

The strengths of COBOL
COBOL (COmmon Business Oriented Language) is a high-level, problem-oriented programming language which is based on natural English. COBOL is by far the most widely used programming language for commercial data processing solutions.

The strength of COBOL lies in the efficiency with which it manipulates and processes large volumes of business-critical data. COBOL is the programming language of the professional programmer.