Manufacturing execution system (MES) provided by SAP closely links manufacturing and ERP to optimize manufacturing sites and ensure quality

SAP® Digital Manufacturing

An image of a manufacturing site in a factory where digitalization has advanced

Overcoming challenges to achieve manufacturing operational excellence

  • An image of data not being interconnected

    No linkage between the digitized data and data from shopfloor processes and applications

  • An image of being constantly occupied with the daily operation of factory production systems

    Operational problems from factory manufacturing system operations

  • An image of not being able to see the factory processes in real-time

    No real-time data-driven insights from shopfloor processes from suppliers and overseas factories

Capabilities of SAP® Digital Manufacturing

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues, we see increasing efforts to significantly transform the manufacturing industry business model. IoT is at the heart of this, and it is increasingly important to gain a full understanding of all kinds of real-time data from the manufacturing shopfloor.
SAP® Digital Manufacturing visualizes problems, issues, and offers counter measures for all steps of the production process—from manufacturing management to execution—and makes it possible to hare accurate information and generate data-driven insights in real time to expedite top-level decision-making.

Fujitsu solutions to help solves manufacturing problems

Our centralized, cloud-based manufacturing performance management solution provides up-to-date insights and information to everyone involved in manufacturing execution, which informs both tactical and strategic decisions contributing towards optimal manufacturing.

Fujitsu analyzes the issues you are facing and recommends the best solutions to help you realize your visions.

Fujitsu’s SAP® Digital Manufacturing services enables digitalization of production site information

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