Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Detail Scheduling Template
Production Planning

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Production planning is important in the manufacturing industry. However, there are many problems, such as the data handled by each site and department is different, the overall operating status and inventory are not visible, the planning work is based on many years of experience, and the production plan is not fix. Also it could not respond to sudden production requests.

Since the operation status of the facilities at each production site is not visible, it is not possible to immediately judge whether or not to accept limited express orders.

Planning work is individualized and planning logic varies from person to person

Safety stock is increasing in order to prevent out of stock due to lack of information coordination between each site

Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Detail Scheduling Template will solve the customer's problem.

It is possible to respond to changing market needs on a daily basis by using the Detail Scheduling Template to connect and control human, material, and information in the complex and sophisticated supply chain. Features that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), such as automatic master generation using historical data and automatic optimization of plans considering various constraints, not only improve operational efficiency but also help customers make quick decisions.

Accelerate production planning

A reliable production plan can be made by an automatic design simulation that reflects the manufacturing know-how that can quickly respond to production requests from the head office.

Elimination of personalized planning

On the same planning infrastructure, the planning logic can be visualized, eliminating dependency.

Plan synchronization

By quickly circulating and synchronizing the plans of the head office and production sites, it is possible to improve the on-time delivery rate and reduce inventory costs.

Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Actual Costs Template Production planning will change customer's business.

Achieving common global manufacturing plan by connecting production sites

Accelerated decision-making not only with operational efficiency but also with accurate production planning results

Advanced supply chain management by connecting ERP and SCP

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