Core business packages for specific businesses in the process industry

Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process
(Old name: FUJITSU Enterprise
Application GLOVIA ProcessC1)


Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process is a software package with essential functions specifically designed for the Japanese process industry*, based on our experience and know-how gained from developing systems for many customers in the process industry. Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process supports strategic business management and efficient production floor operations by integrating performance information across the company.
*Chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, ceramic and stone products manufacturing, petroleum and coal products manufacturing, food manufacturing, beverage and feed manufacturing, etc.

The Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process Cost Management module provides a choice of features for cost, profit and loss, and low-cost methods, and supports cost and profit management and analysis, including budgeted values and actual values. Our clients in the process industry appreciate the product’s ability to perform extensive simulations and variance analysis, including cost reduction and financial forecasting.


Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process gives you a quick overview of the impact of changes in raw material prices

  • Adoption of cost alone that does not rely on core systems
    Since the product manages cost information, including budgeted values, actual values, and simulation data consistently and centrally, it provides useful information for management to analyze costs and manage profit and loss.
  • Actual cost calculations taking into account changes in raw material prices
    Since Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process handles by-products, scrap, and serial products; evaluates work in progress at the end of the month; provides a rolling calculation taking into account process reversals; and has various other allocation functions, it becomes possible to calculate actual costs based on actual production.
  • Allocation calculations can be based on various allocation methods
    Detailed allocations can be set up for each cost element by department, using the production time and production to product ratio, etc. for each item.
  • Simulation of various scenarios, for example, assuming an surge in the “purchase price of raw materials” are possible
    Questions such as: Will the surge of “raw material purchase prices” as calculated in the simulation affect production costs and the balance of payments? can be analyzed.

Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process will transform your business

  • Strengthening management control functions
    In order to strengthen the management control function, the cost control function, budget control function, and profit and loss control function must be strengthened. Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process is Fujitsu’s core business package, providing solutions to these challenges across a wide range of industries.
  • Achieving optimal business processes
    To achieve optimal business processes, companies need to improve their business processes by leveraging their core competencies, and respond quickly to changes in the business environment. Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process is Fujitsu’s core business package for the process industry, providing solutions to these challenges.
  • Optimize IT investments
    To ensure flexibility and scalability, in addition to the standard business functions specific to the processing industry, Fujitsu ERP Solutions for Process ensures customization for quick and flexible responses to individual company requirements and business changes.
    Fujitsu also provides effective support through its industry SEs, who have the know-how covering core operations in the process industry.

Product information

    • Support for cloud-based infrastructure

      We can provide cloud-based systems/services to meet your needs.

      • We support domestic and international group companies in implementing corporate governance by introducing systems quickly and cost-effectively.

      Note: FGCP/S5
      This is a public cloud service that provides ICT infrastructure, such as servers and storage, in a virtual package from our data centers over the network, which customers can use on demand depending on their usage. With a guaranteed high availability of 99.99%, the system is highly reliable enough to be used for core enterprise systems.

    • Multilingual support

      This product supports your global operations by providing information of the cost, profit and loss, production, and inventory.

      • The product supports multifaceted management decisions by centrally managing information of cost, profit, and loss for each site and performing various simulations.

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