Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Actual Costs Template
Actual Cost

Industrial characteristics of the process industry

In the process industry, it is necessary to deal with the complicated reverse tree production process, as well as the fact that production instructions do not always correspond to actual results due to the influence of market factors such as rising prices of naphtha and imported raw materials, and changes in production conditions such as seasons and equipment. Therefore, in order to respond to the uncertain market environment, it is necessary to manage costs and profit/loss in consideration of these market fluctuations and industry characteristics.

Changes in raw material prices

Inconsistent blending performance

Complex production process

The Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Actual Costs Template solves the cost accounting challenges faced by the process industry.

Introducing the Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Actual Costs Template, which complements actual cost accounting for the process industry, it is possible to calculate accurate actual values based on actual costs.
This makes possible to grasp the manufacturing cost and profit/loss for each product, and to see in real time the information that is necessary for management decisions such as measures to address issues and investment in top-selling products.

With cost account, cost and profit/loss is accurately identified. It understands the characteristics of the process industry

  • "Rolling plan" for each process in the inverted tree type production process
  • Supports various types of items such as "process return" and co-products/by-products/work waste
  • Prepare abundant allocation patterns for utilities/expenses, etc.

Business decisions based on forecast/actual variance analysis, forward-looking strategy planning based on simulation analysis

  • Accurate monthly manufacturing costs and profit/loss are grasped by comprehensive actual cost calculation for each process and item
  • Efficient budgeting by using automatic receipts and payments creation by exploding requirements
  • Various case analysis and risk countermeasures through forecast/actual difference analysis and simulation analysis

Fujitsu Application for SAP® Solutions Actual Costs Template Actual Cost will change your data-driven management

Formulating effective management measures

Based on the results and re-analysis of various simulation patterns, we support formulation of more effective measures.

Cost analysis using Non-Cumulative Method method

The results of the Non-Cumulative calculation can be used to analyze the cost of the final item without going back to the process.

Break away from complicated master operations

Since the cost is calculated using the manufacturing actual value, there is no need to register the cost standard/BOM information as a master.

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