Digitally centralize manufacturing information (5M) to help improve quality, delivery dates, and costs

Fujitsu MES Solutions

(Formerly known as FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution COLMINA MES/COLMINA MES Smart Shop-Floor)

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Do you have the following problems at your manufacturing site?

  • Image of data not being interconnected

    No utilization of a large amount of data owned by your manufacturing site and headquarters.

  • Timely replenishment of parts and inventory image

    No inventory reduction of a large number of parts and materials or no timely manner restocking.

  • Image of flexibly adapting to small-scale and large-scale production

    No flexible response to various production scales, such as the production of mixed products in mixed quantities, production in small quantities, and production of top-selling products in large quantities.

  • Image of being able to perform quality checks easily

    No quality control due to unorganized product history information.

Support manufacturing by grasping the on-the-ground situations at manufacturing sites through real-time data collection and management

Fujitsu MES Solutions is a manufacturing site management system that closely links information about production activities.
This system achieves cyclical connections by connecting the different manufacturing networks of factories, headquarters, markets, and clients that were previously loosely integrated, centrally managing the pieces of information acquired through this connection, and utilizing that information in other connections.

Capabilities of Fujitsu MES Solutions

With consultation expertise, Fujitsu solves your problems

Fujitsu consultants will ask about the key issues (materiality) you are facing, analyze the situation surrounding the issues, and offer the best solutions. Companies that resolved their issues are already working on new initiatives. Here are some of the cases where we successfully streamlined their operations.

Fujitsu MES Solutions changes the future of the manufacturing industry

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