Integrated plan management covering sales, finance, manufacturing, and procurement in the manufacturing industry

Planning Sophistication Offering

What is the Planning Sophistication Offering ?

In the age of unpredictable VUCA, human coordinated planning has its limitations.
In order to quickly recognize changes and respond to them quickly, it is important to improve the planning process.
Sophistication planning at Fujitsu will connect planning operations between and within companies, creating a mechanism to accelerate decision-making throughout the supply chain.

What are the challenges in planning?

The tasks involved in planning work, from the preparation of production plans to the delivery of products, range from the division of the supply chain, skill succession, and the shortage of human resources. Many companies still use Excel for planning work.

Planning Sophistication Offering can achieve

Fujitsu offers the most suitable offering according to the system infrastructure used by the customer, the status of DX promotion, and the issues to be addressed. Make use of this product as the first step in creating a GLOBAL organization by fusing people and digital.

Achieve the customer's ideal image
Business x offering level x solution

The Planning Sophistication Offering combines Fujitsu's expertise and know-how with 10 offering scenarios for the DX manufacturing theme that customers want to realize and offers optimal solutions for the promotion of DX.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss implementation using customers existing system infrastructure.

Offering for Sophistication planning are mapped by operations x realization level x solutions. The vertical axis represents the area of the target organization, and from the bottom, either our division alone or a plan that spans multiple departments. The horizontal axis is set to the level of the step. Planning operations are still performed by many customers in analog form and taking an enormous amount of time. The first step is to systematize and streamline your operations. As a next step, expecting further improvements such as inventory optimization, by synchronizing with production management and other surrounding mechanisms. In addition, cost optimization can be realized by adopting a managerial perspective, and proposals can be made step by step from pure efficiency improvement to upgrading.
Main DX themes and usage scene level MAP

Integrated plan management covering sales, finance, manufacturing and procurement in the manufacturing industry

Planning Sophistication Offering solutions

Business example of Planning Sophistication

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