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Today digital technology plays a central role in the modern classroom, and is a valued tool that’s reshaping teaching within schools. Through the use of innovative new devices, students are able to enhance their studies by combining learning in-class with learning online.

By empowering students to log-in and access their work at any time and from any location, education can become more personalised, and children of all abilities empowered to reach their full potential. However, achieving a ‘best-fit’ teaching style for each student, requires robust, reliable, and flexible IT infrastructure that’s capable of adapting to new digital trends and future needs.

IT for education - co-creation with Fujitsu

At Fujitsu, we have experience co-creating with education customers and have developed and implemented robust, agile, and reliable IT infrastructure solutions for schools. Our innovative secondary education technology enables students to work from home at their own pace, and frees teachers to focus on face-to-face interactive teaching. Through the implementation of programmes such as Office 365, we enable teachers to reduce the time they spend performing admin based tasks, freeing their time to engage their students.

We promote and support the use of technology in learning, however our role doesn’t end with providing the right infrastructure and devices. We strongly believe that teachers, already under intense pressure with increased demands placed on their time, need help and support to get the most out of the technology they are offered. At Fujitsu, we provide the support that your teachers need.

Why choose Fujitsu as your education technology partner?

Our decades of experience developing and implementing affordable and effective technology solutions for schools, has led to an in depth understanding of the requirements of our education customers. With our products and solutions, we can help you to overcome the challenges of digitalisation in education.

We fully understand the complexities of integrating new technology and legacy systems within a prudent IT budget. Our range of cost-effective, manageable, secure devices and infrastructure solutions, deliver on both performance and durability. With our help, you can keep pace with rapid technological change and take advantage of new digital trends; such as augmented and virtual reality.

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Fujitsu Education IT Products

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