Digital technology in transport and logistics

Enabling a more sustainable future

At Fujitsu, we’re dedicated to inspiring sustainability by building impactful and flexible ecosystems across industries. Leveraging digital innovation, we’re helping transport and logistics customers with their sustainability journeys. Combining our extensive experience as a digital transformation partner with cutting-edge technologies such as quantum-inspired computing, blockchain and AI, we’re accelerating the development of resilient supply chains and a circular economy to achieve carbon neutrality.

Within the UK, we play a significant role in supporting transport and logistics organisations to reduce their carbon emissions to achieve net zero. We facilitate seamless and engaging passenger experiences, helping operators optimise capacity while reducing costs and increasing situational awareness to alleviate congestion and enhance passenger safety.

Through advanced data collection, integration and analysis technologies, we empower transport organisations to use data insight to optimise processes and become more agile, responsive and environmentally friendly. Our portfolio of solutions seamlessly connects every stage of the passenger journey in a secure and trusted way. Co-creating with our customers, we design and deploy digital transport solutions that prioritise passenger well-being and address long-term transport challenges.


Aviation technology solutions

Innovative digital solutions that enable airports, carriers and their partners to become more adaptive and sustainably transformed.

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Infrastructure and logistics technology solutions

Digitally modernise infrastructure to enable safe, sustainable and engaging passenger experiences.

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Public transport technology solutions

Enable more sustainable and efficient transport systems with innovative solutions that support the digital transformation journey.

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The Future of mobility and the role of digital transformation

In this Fujitsu leadership paper, we set out a vision for the future of digitalised mobility services. We demonstrate how Fujitsu is playing a pivotal role as a leading digital transformation partner within the automotive and related industries. And how, by helping to create diversified mobility services, we are helping to realise sustainable economic growth and solve difficult societal issues.

Landscape of a city street with traffic and tall buildings

Smart cities mobility

How Always optimal transport solutions can revolutionise smart cities and regions.

Focused shot of a man in a car with a fast city background

When industries collide

How convergence in the Mobility vertical demands new solutions.

Quantum and traffic congestion

Quantum and traffic congestion

How quantum computing could eliminate traffic congestion.

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

  • Sustainable Manufacturing

    Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Consumer Experience

    Consumer Experience

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

  • Trusted Society

    Trusted Society

  • Digital Shifts

    Digital Shifts

  • Business Applications

    Business Applications

  • Hybrid IT

    Hybrid IT

A wide-angle view of a factory interior, with a worker performing their tasks

SUBARU Corporation – Streamlining quality assurance with AI

Fujitsu, with its strong track record and expertise as a technology partner, was chosen by Subaru to develop a solution to ensure mass production quality using AI. The AI system developed ensures the accuracy of camshaft grinding which is enabling SUBARU to achieve optimum quality and production throughput without time-consuming manual inspections.

“This technology enables us to assess the quality of components the moment they are produced, without measuring each one individually.” Suguru Ohba, Manager, DX Planning, Manufacturing Engineering Management Department, Manufacturing Division, SUBARU Corporation.

A car from the brand 'Mazda' parked inside a factory

Mazda Logistics Europe - Driving faster resolution times

Mazda Logistics Europe chose Fujitsu to develop a solution to modernise and replace its basic incident and service request management system with a self-service portal.

A woman in protective gear exiting a truck

Network Rail - Digitising the UK national rail network

Through its engagement with Fujitsu Labs, Network Rail developed an AI tool to automatically identify, catalogue and visualise a number of assets and their location.

Expansive view of a city docks

Toll Group - Driving change in logistics with Azure

Toll Group, a global transportation and logistics company, chose Fujitsu to develop a modern data platform and migrate several years of data from its legacy platform to the Cloud.

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