Smart manufacturing solutions for a sustainable future

The environment surrounding the industry is changing due to globalisation, the rise of emerging economies, energy conservation, environmental issues and an aging society. It is important for companies to use data analysis to improve productivity and quality while developing next-generation technologies and taking energy-saving and environmental measures. Fujitsu leverages its expertise from its own practices and years of support for customer business systems to comprehensively support the transformation of factories, supply chains, and tools for employees.

  • Provide your people with advanced data and decision-making capabilities to unlock new value
  • Enable them to meet ever-changing customer, operational and economic demands
  • Empower them to make immediate, profit-focused decisions - saving energy, reducing waste and lowering your climate footprint

Whatever stage you’re at in your digital transformation, Fujitsu can partner with you to create new value. With our wide-ranging portfolio of intelligent solutions, we can super-charge your makers to drive sustainable growth - for your business, society and our environment.


Smart factory

Fujitsu computing technologies enable defence and security organisations to access, use and deliver results from the world’s most powerful high-performance computers and quantum-inspired technology – all of which can be securely and easily accessed via a wide range of Fujitsu cloud and multi-cloud solutions.


Supply chain management

Fujitsu builds network infrastructure optimized for difficult operating environments. Delivered at OFFICIAL, SECRET and ABOVE SECRET security levels, our secure network connectivity services integrate the best COTS technologies and meet stringent security requirements.


Protect, Connect, Transform

As global enterprise races to connect OT and IT together, we bring the core strengths our clients need to do it safely. SD-WAN technology can simplify and enable business, and with a partner who brings security and network strength, we are seeing dramatic savings being realised.

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Recommendations for Managers Challenging DX in the Manufacturing Industry

We will delve into an examination of the obstacles that companies encounter when striving to advance digital transformation. Our analysis will encompass anticipated improvements in productivity, adaptability, sustainability, as well as their connection with a people-centric approach. We will also use the Global Lighthouse as an illustrative case of advanced digital transformation. Additionally, we will introduce a framework for addressing both traditional digital transformation efforts and novel initiatives, while suggesting strategies to enrich the manufacturing perspective.

A vibrant city skyline at night, featuring modern buildings illuminated by colorful laser lights weaving through the architectural landscape

Achieving Efficiency and Resilience Across Global Supply Chains with Digital Technology

A focused woman holding a tablet in her hand, standing in a modern factory, attentively observing the surrounding machinery

Understanding the Five Trends in Business Transformation required for Manufacturing

Letters of the alphabet spread out onto a surface and the middle reads 'ABC'

Easy as ABC: Three industry specialists spill the beans on Smart Manufacturing

A man in a kitchen cap smiling with a tablet in his hand

Risi - Transforms its business processes

Risi snacks and appetizers are Spanish favorites. As part of its ambitious innovation and digitalization process for transformation, Fujitsu has introduced the company to the value of process mining to help Risi make better decisions and boost its efficiency and competitiveness.

A man riding a tractor in the middle of a corn field

Bayer Crop Science

Bayer engaged in a proof of concept with Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation services, assessing the power of the quantum-inspired Digital Annealer to solve complex challenges relating to seed production planning and materials campaign scheduling.

A woman and two men wearing protective gear looking at a tablet

BlueScope Australian Steel Products

Versor, a Fujitsu company, helped steel maker BlueScope ASP migrate its on-premises data lake platform to a new Microsoft Azure Modern Data Platform, which can be replicated worldwide.

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Streamlining operations with Fujitsu’s AMS

Using Fujitsu’s AMS in the overseas expansion of manufacturing company SHOWA GLOVE.

Key focus areas achieving a sustainable world

  • Sustainable Manufacturing

    Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Consumer Experience

    Consumer Experience

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living

  • Trusted Society

    Trusted Society

  • Digital Shifts

    Digital Shifts

  • Business Applications

    Business Applications

  • Hybrid IT

    Hybrid IT

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