Fujitsu IT Services and Solutions for Industry

For over 5 decades, Fujitsu has been a world-leading IT service and solutions provider. We continually invest in research and development to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of innovation and business transformation. We have extensive experience in designing, building, deploying, orchestrating and managing IT systems, services and digital solutions for both public and private sector customers around the globe.

With our expertise in digital transformation and cyber security, we are the right technology partner to keep you ahead of change in the modern digital age.

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Digital Retail Transformation – Smart Technology & Intelligent Support

Fujitsu digital retail solutions focus on delivering an outstanding end-to-end omni-channel consumer experience. With our retail technologies we seamlessly connect systems, assets, staff and customers across both physical and online channels to increase efficiency and deliver a compelling customer experience. Our pay-as-you-go services increase agility, reduce costs and empower your staff with the knowledge they need to exceed customer expectations.

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Banking IT Solutions – Co-creating tomorrow's bank

With over 40 years experience in the banking IT sector, we can help you digitally transform your business and prepare for the open banking era. From our smart IT solutions to improve efficiencies in the back office, to enhancing your customer experience through our digital banking technology.

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Insurance IT Solutions – Enabling human centric innovation

Explore our insurance technology solutions to see how we have helped customers reduce fraudulent activity, cut operating costs and enhance the customer experience. Through sustainable customer-centric innovation such as IoT and Telematics, see how our smart technology can help you fight against fraud and enable you to get closer to your customers.

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Defence Technology – IT Infrastructure, Communications, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Fujitsu has been a major UK MOD and National Security technology provider for over 5 decades. We offer a wide-range of secure Defence technology solutions and products capable of increasing the effectiveness of MOD resources. Our specialist IT solutions transform how military and intelligence agencies communicate, interact, and collaborate to improve operational efficiency and enhance situational awareness.

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Public Sector

Public Sector IT Services – Digital Transformation for Central Government

For more than 4 decades Fujitsu has worked in close partnership with UK central government. Our technology, services and solutions enable critical functions of government at national, regional and devolved levels, touching the lives of millions of citizens and employees every day. We are proud of our record as a trusted public service sector partner and are determined to contribute wherever we can to improve our society.

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Intelligent Mobility - Transportation IT Solutions (Mobility-as-a-Service)

Worldwide Fujitsu has been a trusted transportation IT service and solutions provider for over 30 years. We have the expertise to support you on your digital journey and can help you to transform your internal processes to improve efficiency. With our help, you can overhaul your existing IT and communication systems to better interact with your customers and deliver a travel experience that’s fit for today’s digital age.

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Smart Manufacturing Technology and Solutions

Fujitsu’s next-generation smart technology can enable you to keep pace with change, increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs. With our world-class digital technology, services and solutions we enable you to transform and optimise processes to create a lean manufacturing operation. Our solutions leverage the convergence of IT and OT to enable smart, connected operations.

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Energy and Utilities

Energy & Utilities IT - Intelligent Operations and Connected Assets

Fujitsu’s wide range of intelligent IT solutions and innovative connected assets deliver the best operational outcomes. With our help, you can keep up to date with regulatory change, improve customer communications, and make the most of new business opportunities. We understand the challenges facing energy and utilities providers, and using our business consulting capabilities and matured industry solutions such as IoT, intelligent assets, and smart devices, we can turn your organisation into an adaptive and responsive enterprise.

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Digital Transformation in Education – Technology, Solutions & Devices

At Fujitsu, we have decades of experience in developing and deploying effective and affordable technology solutions for schools, academies, universities, further education and higher education institutions. As a world-leading expert in digital transformation, we can design and implement a digital solution that can empower you to bring technology into learning and deliver a personalised experience for students.

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Healthcare Technology, IT Services and Solutions

Fujitsu healthcare solutions equip your people with the technology they need to integrate data and care pathways. From introducing telemedicine practices into your operations to equipping community nurses with the tools they need to maximise time with patients, we can empower your teams to improve standards of care. We deliver robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure solutions that address the mobility requirements of your carers and place patients at its core.

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Telecoms IT Services and Solutions

At Fujitsu, we have over 70 years of experience working across the telecoms value chain. In the UK we manage over 1 million devices and provide 40% of the broadband network. Our extensive expertise in telecoms product and service development means we can offer end-to-end support from the store through to network infrastructure. With our help you can increase your speed, flexibility, and agility in rolling out new systems, monetise your data and create value for your customers.

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