Fujitsu Digital transformation in higher education

Within higher education, IT plays a pivotal role in delivering key services, enabling digital transformation, and providing competitive institutional differentiation and advantage.

While today there’s increased focus on student success and course completion, there are other equally important aspects to consider when looking at the role of higher education in students’ lives. Time at university is about much more than getting a degree, it’s also about the broader student experience and future career prospects. For universities, the goal should therefore be to develop, implement, and support an effective digitalisation strategy to enhance the student experience by delivering an always on, connected campus.

Taking the hybrid IT approach

Campus environments are highly complex, with students wanting to progress at their own pace, studying anytime, anywhere, using a wide range of their own personal devices. To support this growing requirement for integrated and personalised learning, a secure, agile, and scalable digital IT environment must be in place. However, many universities are still working with ageing legacy infrastructure, which first requires significant modernisation in order to deliver on their digital goals. Where it’s not straightforward to replace existing IT systems, such as where critical applications and student information systems are involved, the answer is to adopt a hybrid IT approach that blends existing on-premise IT with public and private cloud services.

Fujitsu – supporting digital learning in higher education

As a world-leading expert in hybrid IT, we understand the complexities of integrating new digital solutions with legacy IT. Our portfolio of infrastructure, mobile, desktop and workstation solutions deliver security, flexibility and reliability to enhance the student experience.

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