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Fujitsu IT Services for SAP Environments

Simplify, innovate and grow with Fujitsu’s services for SAP® environments

In an increasingly competitive environment, companies must focus on globalisation, customer satisfaction, cost reduction and productivity to increase the value of their business. Enterprises around the world have made significant investments in SAP technologies to assist with this challenge but need support in getting the most out of their vast capabilities. 
As a trusted SAP Global Partner for over 40 years, Fujitsu offers a complete range of tailored, future-proof SAP services that help customers simplify, innovate and grow. We’re driving innovation across all areas of financial and operational performance – from cloud services via managed SAP operations to solutions and services for on-premise deployments.

Optimise your SAP investment

With Fujitsu’s global services, you can achieve a better return on your SAP investment – and much sooner – helping you to realise your business objectives. 
  • Boost competitiveness and improve operations with a flexible and reliable IT infrastructure optimised for SAP applications. 
  • Implement new technologies, tools and methodologies to drive profitable growth. 
Discover more about specific SAP services:

Fujitsu Cloud Services for SAP Solutions Cloud Computing

As a SAP-certified provider of cloud services, Fujitsu aims to help organizations cope with demands for flexibility, reliability and availability.

SAP HANA Consulting and Implementation Services SAP Services

Fujitsu’s SAP HANA Global Demo Center offers workshops that explore practical usage scenarios and identify tangible benefits of SAP HANA.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions SAP Services

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) drastically reduce implementation efforts when compared to classic ‘whiteboard’ approaches.

SAP Enterprise Operations Management SAP Services

Fujitsu’s implementation service for SAP® Enterprise Operations Management provides visibility and automation tools to improve performance and reduce costs.

With decades of close collaboration with SAP, Fujitsu is a Global Technology Hosting and Services Partner—the highest level of partnership with SAP. In addition to the SAP services listed here, Fujitsu provides a wide range of infrastructure solutions to support SAP implementations. 
For further details about our partnership with SAP, our complete set of SAP offerings and why Fujitsu is the ideal choice for your SAP implementation, visit the Fujitsu and SAP page.


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