Data centre solutions

Building a business resilience strategy with Hybrid Cloud solutions

Datacentres – whether they are operated on premise versus via cloud providers - are integral to daily business operations.

When assessing the flexibility, ease of use and security provided by hosted vs on premise options, it is likely that adopting a hybrid cloud architecture will best support your team’s projects and aids in building a business resilience strategy.

Our family of Fujitsu products can create a solution which best supports your business goals and requirements using our servers (PRIMERGY), storage (ETERNUS), hyperconverged infrastructure (PRIMEFLEX) and more. Fujitsu hardware alongside our ecosystem of partners can allow for better data governance process, data management and analytics – meaning you can more effectively track, utilise, and protect your data. All integral in supporting in business growth.


Data availability and manageability are top factors dictating data value. Nowadays, there is the added challenge of data existing in different formats and widely dispersed – held by the Cloud, customers, partners, suppliers, documentation archives as well as the data centre.

Let Fujitsu help in understanding your data and creating an optimal data storage solution that will support your requirements and connect the information – creating business value.



Digital transformation is rapidly changing the needs in all business areas. One of these key challenges is balancing the right mix of cloud based services and infrastructure technologies to deliver new digital solutions and modernise their existing infrastructures.

To support customers in this transformation journey, Fujitsu offers a broad range of data centre technologies, including servers, to facilitate the setup of IT infrastructure and its continual and efficient operation



Fujitsu offers our own innovative software as well as those from our expert partners. These are implemented to build and manage dynamic infrastructures enabling you to improve service quality, increase flexibility and to raise efficiency.

It is designed for virtualized and automated environments that drive business agility. Combining these software products with our servers, storage, and networking systems can create the optimal solution for your workloads and wider business.



Mainframes are optimal central high-performance systems to meet demands in the server pool of modern data centres. BS2000 Mainframe technology is an important component in dynamic infrastructures, handling large quantities of data and economically supporting high volumes of end users while ensuring permanent availability.

BS2000 mainframes are a complete and autonomous IT infrastructure for your applications - providing a stable and reliable backbone for your data centre.

Integrated systems

Becoming ‘data-driven’ is a more complex issue with business growth. To stay ahead of the curve, your infrastructure foundation must allow your organisation to scale and adapt. However, building this foundation is complex, time-consuming, and expensive.

Taking the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach can cause challenges – from choosing the right compute, software, network, and storage to the procurement, testing and systems integration. These considerations can be fast tracked through implementing PRIMEFLEX HCI.

Integrated systems

Pay-Per-Use (uSCALE)

uSCALE supports business resilience, increases financial and technical flexibility, and you gain freedom from up-front investments. By providing infrastructure technology on a ‘pay as you go’ cloud-like model, Fujitsu can help you improve time-to market.

This can be achieved through leveraging pre-provisioned buffer capacity that is deployed in your data centre ahead of business needs – handling dynamic workloads more effectively than if they were situated in the public cloud.



It can be tough to keep pace with the fast-moving IT market when you’re trying to drive your business forward. It’s why we’ve created Techfocus to keep you up to date with the latest industry trends, news and Fujitsu innovations. Every episode, we’ll be joined by a leading expert from Fujitsu or one of our partners. From artificial intelligence (AI) and highperformance computing (HPC) to our partner ecosystem and everything in between, we’ll break down the topics you need to know into straightforward, actionable insights.


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